I Asked My Hairstylist To Copy A Model’s Haircut But He Looked Like Professor Snape


ALTHOUGH most models can pull off any haircut, apparently not everyone can pull off a model’s haircut.

A woman named Johanna learned this lesson the hard way.


A woman named Johanna asked her hairdresser for a model-worthy haircutCredit: Tik Tok / joehoney1hunnit
However, his results made him burst out laughing


However, his results made him burst out laughingCredit: Tik Tok / joehoney1hunnit

In a ICT Tac which has racked up over a million views, Johanna revealed her disastrous haircut.

She showed her hairdresser a photo of a model with a short, choppy cut.

But, Johanna ended up with something completely different.

Although the haircut was not what she wanted, she was able to laugh about it.

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She captioned the now-viral video: “Haircut rating: 0/5.”

Meanwhile, in the comments section, one person wrote, “Gets Professor Snape,” which had over 44,000 likes of the comment.

Others were just as shocked by the results as Johanna, like one who wrote, “I will never go out in public again omg.”

Another added: “Are you sure you went to a hair salon and not Petco?”

Someone else commented: Ummmm bestie, you need a refund.”

“Baby, you don’t have that face shape for that. Not all haircuts go with everyone’s face shape, the client isn’t always right,” one comment read.

To this, Johanna responded in a later post video: “I know I’m not a skinny girl but I’ve been to other hairdressers for something to go with my face…

“Yeah, I asked her before she started cutting ‘What do you recommend for my hair?’ and she was like ‘No, this picture will be beautiful.'”

Johanna then said her hairstylist was a little “scissor-happy” with her previously long hair.

She joked: “But it’s ok, I’ll work with it. Doesn’t look so bad right now… I can just buckle it up, 24/7 day beanie, beanies for life, but yeah it’s ok .”

In other video, Johanna shared that she had another appointment with another salon and was assured that they had great reviews.

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Also, a woman asked her hairstylist for a platinum blonde, but she looked like a leopard.

Another woman shared how she tried to do cute French braids, but people couldn’t stop laughing at her results.

Joanna's haircut was far from what she wanted


Joanna’s haircut was far from what she wantedCredit: Tik Tok / joehoney1hunnit
Over 44,000 thought his haircut looked like Professor Snape from Harry Potter


Over 44,000 thought his haircut looked like Professor Snape from Harry PotterCredit: Universal

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