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NOTHING can get as annoying and frustrating as having static hair ruin your look – all the hours spent styling your hair have been virtually wasted.

But while there are products on the market to combat this, one savvy hairstylist has shared a very inexpensive solution – and chances are you already have it in the kitchen.


Maria showed the before and afterCredit: Instagram / mariaaiellohair

In a short clip on instagramMaria Aiello, a professional hairdresser, showed a rather unusual way to get rid of static electricity using a common household item.

The trick, which has gone viral, racking up nearly 11 million views on Instagram and 2 million on TikTok, is as simple as it gets.

According to the expert, all you have to do is grab a small piece of foil, wrap it around your hair — she did it in separate sections — and pull it down.


The simple explanation behind this hack, she said, is that the foil discharges static electricity, making it a great tool for those crazy hair moments.

But while Maria, as the video shows, ended up with silky smooth locks, not everyone was impressed, with some saying the trick didn’t do anything.

‘It didn’t work for me,’ read one critical comment, while a second added: ‘It worked [work] but not as drastically as the video – just a bit.”

Others took to it in the comments to share their recommendations to help with static, like this person: “also dryer sheets, they make your hair smell good.”

”You can also try with normal paper,” said someone else.

“If this works, you have solved all the problems in my life,” one user seemed particularly happy to have seen the video.

“I needed it when I was at school with those terrible chairs causing static electricity,” read one of the many comments left on her music video.

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His hack was liked by nearly 185,000 TikTok users


His hack was liked by nearly 185,000 TikTok usersCredit: Instagram / mariaaiellohair
Maria demonstrated how silky and static-free her hair was after using this hack


Maria demonstrated how silky and static-free her hair was after using this hackCredit: Instagram / mariaaiellohair


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