How to Choose a Green (and Clean) Hair Salon


From clean products to disposable waste, here’s everything you need to know

While the buzz around sustainability and clean beauty has grown in recent years, it can be difficult to determine which salons and brands actually practice what they preach.

Finding a salon that is both environmentally friendly and uses clean products is no small feat. Fortunately, some organizations are actively trying to streamline this process. Enter: Chatters’ Style Consciously initiative, a collection of carefully selected hair and body care products that are clean, cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable. From masks and serums to shampoos and treatments, this set of products will help you simplify the search for a long list of ingredients and production processes. Instead, you can browse through their selections with ease knowing that each product ticks all of your boxes.

In addition to clean products, many factors can help you determine if a salon’s practices are healthy and environmentally friendly. From waste disposal practices to sustainable certifications, here are some key indicators that your favorite salon is green.

Clean beauty products

Nothing is more relaxing than a head massage at your salon’s shampoo station, and it’s even better when you know the products they use aren’t harmful to you or the environment.

The words “clean” and “sustainable” are quickly taking over the beauty world, but choosing hair care products that are both eco-friendly and effective isn’t always an easy task. A salon that takes this into consideration and makes the process simple for its clients is key.

Chatters encourages and helps customers make informed choices by offering a wide range of to clean, vegan, cruelty free and sustainable options to choose from, in-store and online.

Recycling programs

In-store recycling programs aren’t a new concept, but they’re certainly a great indicator of an environmentally conscious salon. Many Chatters salons are currently partnering with Biolage and Green Circle salons to collect empty shampoo and/or conditioner bottles from customers and offer 20% off their Biolage purchase. Including the community to participate in these initiatives is a win-win in our books.

Waste management plan

Nothing says eco-responsible like transparent waste management. With the beauty industry sends 877 pounds of waste to landfill every minute, how a salon handles waste is something to keep in mind – especially since 63,000 lbs of hair are shed every day. From leftover sheets to excess toner, salons have a lot of waste to dispose of after every client walks through the door with a new hairstyle. Knowing where this waste goes and what happens to it makes all the difference.

Here is a glimpse of the interior how Chatters upped its recycling game with the help of Green Circle Salons.

Sustainable certifications

Green Circle Salons has taken the guesswork out of diving deep into a salon’s sustainability practices. They work to recover and recycle up to 95% of beauty waste from their partner salons. With that in mind, if there’s a room you’ve seen, you can search for it. through their directory to check if it is a certified sustainable salon.

Ready to cleanse and green your beauty routine? Browse and shop among our favorites Style consciously products below.

Click here to learn more about Chatters and their Style Consciously initiative.


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