How to Air Dry Hair: Celebrity Hairstylist Tips for Perfect Air Drying


Scarlett is a big proponent of prepping your hair with products suited to your hair type for better air drying. “For finer hair, you definitely want to try a mousse or curly gel, whereas with denser hair, [you’ll use] creams, oils and serums,” he noted, naming one of his favorites: “Moroccanoil Curl Mousse ($47.50 to Hair salon) is a great lightweight curl product.

Not sure exactly what will work for you? Trial (and yes, also error) is the only way to figure it out. “Everyone’s hair texture is so different,” Scarlett explained. “It’s like your fingerprint, it’s so special to you. Everyone has different curl patterns, hair densities, and curl shapes, and often you’ll even have a different hair texture in the back of your hair than you have in the front. You have to be a little patient with that. »

“Try several things. Try a mousse; if you’re the “with the mousse, my hair got really frizzy” type, then you probably have dense enough hair to use a more hydrating product like a curl cream, [or vice versa]if your hair is heavy and won’t move, try mousse.

For the record, we’re really reviewing Ouai’s Hair Curl Crème ($49 at Sephora) to set a denser texture.

Scarlett advises using the same individualistic approach when it comes to touching or not touching your hair during the air-drying process. “You may find that the more you scrunch your hair the more it improves throughout the day, or the more you scrunch your hair the flatter it falls and is best left completely alone until ‘they are dry.’

“My biggest message is to try something different; if something isn’t working, there’s something else out there. Once you find what works for you, you roll; you will get your routine and it will become much more manageable. Perseverance is the key, people!


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