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She has always found her way back to hairdressing, a comfortable environment


Honeycomb Hair Studio off Nye St. welcomes new clients (10.04.22)

Honeycomb Hair Studio opens as a private salon that will provide a comfortable and safe space for everyone to express themselves.

Owner Pam Passmore worked at Poppy Salon and Spa before opening Honeycomb, but always dreamed of opening her own.

The opportunity to open a studio in downtown Pullman fell into her lap sooner than she had anticipated, she said.

She realized she needed to grow as an individual and as a stylist, she said. This forced her to shift gears in her professional and personal life and find her own studio.

She was able to open as planned and had a lot more free time to dive deep into her studio to get things ready over the past week, she said.

Passmore graduated from the University of Idaho with a bachelor’s degree in science and public relations with a minor in marketing, she said.

Her desire to become a hairdresser always accompanied her during high school, she said. Passmore has always found her way back to cutting, coloring and styling hair, no matter where her path took her.

Passmore specializes in miscellaneous hair both literally and creatively. She offers a handful of experience with different hair types and ethnicities. From curly, curly hair to long, thick hair, she can handle it all, she said. The name ‘Honeycomb’ comes from the inspiration of sweetness and self-love.

“If I can be a part of it just by pampering you, that fills my cup and makes my day,” Passmore said.

Junior Marketing Major Carmen Chandler was looking for a hairstylist with the goal of finding someone who could cut and style mixed and interracial hair.

When she discovered Passmore was great with varied hair, she made an appointment with her within days, Chandler said.

Her personality is very bubbly and she’s very welcoming, Chandler said. She always has a great outlook on life and is able to connect with anyone on a very human level.

“It doesn’t make you want to go back just for your haircut, but for Pam,” she said.

Passmore hopes to attract anyone who wants a unique, more individual experience at her studio, she said.

“I want this space to be ‘come as you are,'” she said. “The good, the bad, the ugly. I do not care. It’s your space as much as mine.

The vision is to create a safe and comfortable space where people feel confident to express themselves for who they are, she said.

Passmore empathizes with students as it is a difficult transition away from home and wants all of its customers to feel cared for.

“Maybe it’s the mom in me, [but] I feel like I take care of you when you’re here,” she said.

She’s looking forward to opening up and finding her personal rhythm, she said. The living room is going to give off a 70s vibe with earthy and warm tones that will make everyone feel comfortable.

Passmore plans to remain private for the time being and may possibly hire another stylist to work alongside her in the future, but isn’t sure when, she said.

Honeycomb is located at 1002 NW Nye Street, she said. Appointments can be made on the Honeycomb website.


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