Hairstylist Paul Hession reveals the most common mistakes that can ruin your hair


There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to hair in order to keep it healthy. Although your hair may look beautiful, if you use products or methods that are not good for the hair, it can have a long-lasting effect.

One of the most contested issues in hairstyling is that of box dyes – are they acceptable or not? Award-winning hairstylist Paul Hession says they should definitely be avoided.

He told RSVP Live: “Leave that to the professionals. There’s no point trying to do something that we spend years learning to perfect and training.

“There’s no right way to do your coloring at home because it’s just plain wrong. To do coloring you have to be trained, it’s a chemical in your hair at the end of the day. day. If it’s bad at home, it’s desperately bad.

“If it ever went wrong in a salon, you’re in the right environment to fix it.”

Paul also shared his prediction for the big hair trend coming in 2022.

“A lot of customers ask for low maintenance hair,” he said. “So we saw a lot of lived-in roots with brighter ends, keeping things nice and natural.

“It’s a really natural bohemian look, but you can change it up by making it a bit brighter or toning it down.”

Hession Hairdressing recently opened a new location in Malahide.

A family dynasty with deep roots in the North Dublin community, Hession Hairdressing got its start over 50 years ago and has continued to thrive and grow under the leadership of Paul Hession and his highly experienced management team, supporting the creation of local jobs beyond 50 employees. and serving local communities. Customers can book with a team of qualified hairdressers, including award-winning stylist Paul Hession, who are available every Wednesday at the brand new Malahide location.

You can consult Hession Coiffure here.


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