Hairstylist Lyndell Mansfield has died | News


Hairdresser Lyndell Mansfield is dead.

The Australian-born stylist was renowned for her work in fashion and music, working on a series of high-profile projects.

An important and lively voice in multiple disciplines, she was a true force of nature whose pure energy seemed to support anyone in her presence.

The stylist worked on our Beth Ditto cover — among many other Clash projects over the years — and made a lasting impression with those on set.

Sadly, Lyndsell Mansfield passed away earlier today, with Dazed confirming the news of her passing.

Lyndell Mansfield was diagnosed with COVID last month, before later suffering a heart attack and brain aneurysm.

Friends attempted to raise money to bring her family home from Australia bye, writing: “Lyndell is a fun-loving Aussie who loves to travel and always makes friends wherever she goes. Her career as a hairstylist l ‘took her on tour around the world putting her highly sought after skills to work on many top models, musicians and actors.”

Close friend Beth Ditto was extremely moved by Lyndell’s passing and wrote on Instagram:

Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.


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