Hairdressers open Studio 27 in the city center


GALESBURG — Hairstylists Raylyn Pickrel and Katie Hennenfent have each dreamed of opening their own boutique. So the longtime friends, who have been working side by side for more than a decade, decided to take the plunge together.

Pickrel and Hennenfent are co-partners of Studio 27, located at 27 N. Seminary St. in downtown Galesburg. They opened their shop on January 4 after working for the past few years at Glory Days Barber Shop.

Located in the space behind The UPS Store at the corner of Main and Seminary Streets, Studio 27 features bright, modern decor with sleek furnishings.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to one day own my own home,” Pickrel said. “While we enjoyed where we were before, we were limited on the services we could provide.

“Personally, I felt limited in expressing my creativity through hair, so I wanted to go back to color and tackle a more feminine clientele. I just felt very lucky to be able to do that. with my best friend.”

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Before landing at Glory Days, Pickrel and Hennenfent worked together at GreatClips in Galesburg.

“I think most hairdressers and barbers have a goal and dream when they start their career of eventually opening their own shop,” Hennenfent said. “It was absolutely a dream we shared. After 10 years of friendship and working side by side, continuing to grow and thrive was the obvious next step for us.

“Opening the store in Galesburg has allowed us to retain a long-standing clientele while building ourselves up and making room for new services and faces,” added Hennefent. “I also like to think that we inspire others, especially our children, to pursue their goals, to keep showing up and working hard.”

Raylyn Pickrel, left, and Katie Hennenfent work with clients at Studio 27, located at 27 N. Seminary St. in downtown Galesburg.

“The huge sign for rent was calling me”

What do you like about the new location?

Pickrel: Honestly, this fell on us. I was taking my kids to school and got stopped at a red light on Seminary and Main. The huge sign for rent was calling me! I knew of businesses that had been there before and wondered if it would be big enough, so I went ahead and called to schedule a visit. It turned out perfect for us. We couldn’t be happier with how the space turned out.

We knew we wanted the downtown location. Seminary Street has so much foot and car traffic. We really couldn’t have found a better place. We have remodeled a lot. Upstairs, lights, paint, plumbing everything.

Hennefent: We had the help of amazing family and friends. I think with every person we spoke to, someone volunteered their time and skills to help us achieve all of this. We are grateful to have so many amazing people in our lives.

What services will you be offering at Studio 27?

Pickrel: We offer haircuts, coloring for women and men. Yes, I said men – I actually colored my older brother’s beard the other day – various waxing services and formal styling. As we didn’t have a sink to wash up at our previous location, we weren’t able to give the full ‘shabang’ when it came to services. Men love being able to wash their hair before returning to work, women love being pampered and want to have their scalp massaged during their performances. It’s the little things.

Are there new trends in the hairdressing industry?

Pickrel: That’s what I love about what we do. Things always change. Cut and color trends don’t stay the same for long, which definitely saves us from getting bored with the same styles.

“Making someone feel good about how they look is an amazing feeling”

How did you get started in the hairdressing business?

Pickrel: I always knew I would become a hairdresser. My original plan was to go to cosmetology school and then work as a stylist while I went back to become a nurse. I just never went back to school because I loved what I was doing. Making someone feel good about how they look is an amazing feeling. The excitement on their face when they see a drastic change in color or cut is such an amazing feeling. I graduated from the Sandburg program, it’s 1500 hours followed by state tests. We are required every two years to have 14 hours of continuing education when renewing our license.

Hennefent: My decision to go into cosmetology was easy. I could be creative and practical, solve problems and make people feel good and look good, while making a career out of it? OK! I went to school in the Quad Cities for the required 1,500 hours, with about a month break towards the end to have my daughter. We are trained not only in everything related to hair, but also hair removal, bones, muscles, pressure points, skin care, nails, nail diseases and disorders, etc. In addition to the 14-hour continuing education every two years to renew our license, the most recent renewal included an hour of sexual harassment. Two years prior, it included an hour of domestic violence.

Workshop 27

Address: 27 N.Seminary St.

Call: (309) 371-5701.

Hours: Tuesday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Appointment : Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are accepted, subject to availability. To make an appointment, call or send a message on the Facebook page of the Studio27 shop.


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