Hairdresser gets bullied for sharing ‘worst bleach damage’ she’s seen… then REFUSING to take woman on as client


A PROFESSIONAL hairdresser has been slammed after sharing a video of horrific bleach damage and then refusing to take the lady on as a client.

TikTok user @Thequeenofblondes uploaded the video to the social media giant to raise awareness of the side effects of long-term whitening.


The woman claimed she was wearing extensionsCredit: TikTok/@thequeenofblondessalon

In the short clip, which has since taken the internet by storm with over 2.9 million views, the expert can be seen running his fingers through extremely damaged hair.

“I have to say this is absolutely the worst chemical cut I’ve seen,” the Miami professional said.

“I was completely shocked, this guest has been whitewashing her roots for a very long time.”


However, although the woman’s locks were almost beyond the point of repair, with some broken, it was not her condition that shocked viewers.

In the viral TikTok video, the hairstylist then added that despite the woman’s request to refresh her dark roots, it was turned down.

It didn’t sit well with people, who thought it was “exploitative to use it as an example of what not to do, but then dismiss it instead of coming up with a plan to save it.” that you could”.

Another agreed: “Wow you blast this girl on social media and then turn her down for service…. Sad.”

Someone else added: “Girl: Can you help me?

“Her: let me do a video example of you and no sorry.”

However, despite the controversy, in an attempt to clear her name, she later uploaded a follow-up video explaining what happened.

“Just to let you know, she knew she was going to be turned down for a chemical service all along because we had a virtual consultation first. ”

Responding to suggestions that she should have given the woman a pixie cut, the stylist added that it was not her expertise: “I don’t specialize in pixie cuts – I turn them down.

”I entrust them to another colleague who does not work in my living room, simply because he bombs the pixies.

”You have to remember that we can give clients all the necessary recommendations, but the truth is that there is that percentage of clients who don’t care. ”

The stylist went on to claim that although she warned the client to avoid bleaching the roots at all costs due to the damage, she was “ignoring all my recommendations”.

”I offered her a haircut and she refused.

“I completely ignored everything I said.

”These videos are educational – they are actually aimed at hairdressers.”

One viewer agreed and commented, “She just needs a buzz cut and start over lol. ”

”Bleach!?!? Again?! She needs to cut all that,” for a second thought the same.

”It’s scary but it’s hair, it will grow back.”

A fellow hairdresser wrote: ”Nothing worse than a client in denial, as professionals we can only do/recommend so much.

“It’s up to them to follow the advice. ”

”I’m sure she sat in that last stylist chair and insisted on bleaching/lightening her hair and the stylist just didn’t refuse like you did,” said read a user’s comment.

“I’ve been a hairdresser for 11 years and a manager for five years and I agree with everything she said!” someone said.

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According to the stylist, the woman kept insisting she wanted her roots bleached


According to the stylist, the woman kept insisting she wanted her roots bleachedCredit: TikTok/@thequeenofblondessalon
The video has been viewed nearly three million times


The video has been viewed nearly three million timesCredit: TikTok/@thequeenofblondessalon

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