Hairdresser arrested at The Villages convicted in romantic criminal mischief case


Alexis Renee Saunders

A hairstylist arrested earlier this year at a hairdressing academy in The Villages has been convicted in a romantic criminal mischief case.

Alexis Renee Saunders, 28, of Ocala, made an indisputable plea Tuesday in Sumter County court for theft and mischief. She was placed on probation for 18 months.

The Fort Worth, Texas native was arrested on April 20 at the Tenaj Salon Institute in Buffalo Ridge Plaza in The Villages.

Her former boyfriend contacted Sumter County Sheriff’s Deputies to report that he had a photo of his vehicle’s license plate in Saunders lap, according to an arrest report. He left his vehicle at his residence over the weekend as he drove to the beach with friends. He said he thought Saunders got angry when he posted a photo of himself on social media with his friends at the beach.

The man said he blocked Saunders’ phone number “because she was constantly trying to contact him,” according to the report. He said she had “attempted to contact him with randomly generated numbers”. It was through a random number that she sent him pictures of herself near her vehicle, which suffered damage of around $ 1,000, according to the report. The man identified the woman’s vehicle, also visible in the footage, because of its distinctive black and fuzzy steering wheel cover. The man said he had seen the blurry steering wheel cover before when he was in Saunders’ vehicle.

Saunders was arrested in Marion County in 2018 for criminal mischief. She was ordered to pay the victim $ 1,900 in restitution, ordered to do 40 hours of community service and placed on probation.


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