Hair salon Letterkenny wins three Ulster Awards in prestigious RSVP competition


A Letterkenny hair salon has received three major accolades in an annual competition run by famed celebrity magazine RSVP.

Patrick Gildea Hairdressing has won the title of “Best Hair Salon in Ulster”.

And the talented team of Patrick Gildea Hairdressing also won Best Stylist and Best Colourist awards in Ulster.

“We are very proud to have been selected as the best RSVP lounge in Ulster; this is once again a great team achievement,” commented Patrick who is an icon of the Irish Hairdressing Federation.

Patrick received Ulster’s Best Stylist award.

Her passion for hairdressing now spans over 34 years. He has built an award-winning company and now leads a team of 30 talented and passionate people.

Indeed, her appointment schedule is fully booked 12 weeks in advance with guests from all over Ireland and locally. Her specialized cutting technique means her guests get a signature look on every visit.

His creative vision and belief in the personal development of everyone around him means the show is consistently at the forefront of the industry nationwide; providing a unique customer experience and the highest quality hair care with every visit.

Style director Anita Lynch (pictured) has been named Ulster’s top colorist. Anita is a talented and experienced stylist, who has a great connection with her guests. With a Master Color Expert qualification, her coloring skills and personalized consultations ensure she is fully booked weeks in advance.

His commitment to education allows him to embrace and thrive with new techniques, while staying up to date.

Patrick beamed: “I am thrilled that Anita has been recognized for her incredible color skills, she is a wonderful stylist with an incredible connection to her guests and she truly deserves this award. I want to thank RSVP for choosing us as the best stylist, the best colorist and the best salon”.

Photo: The Hair Spa backwash

When asked why the show continues to be so successful, Patrick replied, “We have an amazing team that wants to be the best and focus on improving a little every day.”



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