Hair Salon by Daniel Chreky-Daniel Washington, DC-The Architect of Hair Design


(ProNewsReport Editorial): – Washington, DC, District of Columbia, October 3, 2021 ( – Daniel Chreky, Washington DC Hair Architect

For Daniel Chreky of Daniel’s Salon in Washington, DC, damaged hair is his specialty. I know. I travel for hours just to get the “Daniel Touch” to “fix” my roughly chemically treated damaged hair. He corrects the color with his magic potions (he doesn’t use hard bleach), a keratin treatment, then gives me a gorgeous layered cut that complements my face shape. He brushes the mess away with the skillful hands of an artist and tells me not to do anything to my hair until I get back.

Daniel says damaged hair can never fully recover until it grows back, especially if it has been over-treated with harsh bleach or heavily styled by someone who doesn’t understand your hair type. Daniel says the only way to get really healthy hair is to let it grow without damaging it further. This is something difficult for some of us to do when we live far away in an area lacking highly trained hairdressing professionals and it is sometimes difficult to make regular visits to Daniel Salon. We end up experimenting by watching youtube videos which make it simple and allow inexperienced stylists to over-treat our hair.

But time and time again, Daniel shakes his head when I walk through the door, berates myself for letting my hair get too worked up, and then he makes me look great!

I feel confident and beautiful when I leave her elegant living room filled with antiques from Morocco and around the world. Daniel is an architect by training and he considers his work with your hair to be an architectural design. It sculpts your hair by cutting it where it needs to be cut, perfectly frames your face, colors your hair according to your skin tone and the result is magical! He’s the Frank Lloyd Wright of hairdressing. Its ability to color any type of hair and tailor it to your skin tone reminds me of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright who made his homes part of the environment. Daniel mixes hair and skin tone while correcting damaged and over-treated hair with the hands of an architectural artist.

For Daniel, hair requires the skills of an architect. It should frame and flatter your face and make you feel confident and beautiful at any age, especially for mature women and men. But honestly, I saw all ages in his living room. You leave Daniel’s salon with the confidence of a runway model. If you’re over 50, you don’t have to worry about all the years that have passed when you see your longtime friends at your birthday party after a Daniel styling, cut and color (the treatments at keratin are his specialty by the way) you feel young again.

His clients range from politicians to anchors to businessmen. In fact, he introduced me to a sweet millionaire on my last visit. Daniel’s Salon is where you’ll find DC movers and shakers who could take their business anywhere, but they choose Daniel.

You can contact Daniel at Daniel’s Salon, 1831 M Street, Washington, DC 202-293-9393. Tell her Kathy sent you to the hairdressing architect.


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