Hair essentials for perfect hairstyles at school


SPONSORED: Make mornings a breeze with products that help you create kid-friendly hairstyles – without rips or tangles.

Weekday mornings can be a hectic race – getting ready for work, making breakfast, helping the kids get dressed for school – and leaving the house in time to avoid traffic.

Luckily, with Just for Kids, getting your little one’s hair ready for school doesn’t have to be a problem. Just For Kids, South Africa’s #1* ethnic children’s hair care range, offers a wide range of hair care solutions.

Choose from a range of gentle products to hydrate and revitalize the scalp, putting an end to itching and scratching. Hair becomes softer, smoother and more manageable, so no more weeping. It’s just easier!

From braids to high ponytails, cornrows, bantu knots and more, you can easily create beautiful looks at home. There’s a Just For Kids product for everyone and for every style.

Make your choice

Neutralizing shampoo: It is specially formulated to eliminate traces of relaxer and return the hair to its natural pH.

Fortifying Conditioner: This anti-breakage fortifying conditioner coats and protects hair from breakage, leaving hair soft and more manageable. It restores the hair to a lustrous, full-bodied shine.

Maxi Grow Hair Food: Enriched with Vitamin E, which nourishes and hydrates hair, this product softens and adds shine to hair and scalp for healthy hair growth.

Scalp Soothing Hair Food: This product helps soothe dry, itchy scalps. It is enriched with refreshing peppermint and marual oil. The product moisturizes and helps prevent dandruff.

Detangler: Perfect for conditioning and detangling knotty hair and preventing breakage. It makes combing relaxed and natural hair comfortable. It is ideal for everyday use or for removing braids and will leave hair soft and manageable.

Rose Oil Moisturizer: This non-greasy formulation restores natural oils and moisture, providing all-day softness and shine for manageable hair.

Soothing Scalp Oil Hydrating Spray: Provides instant hydration to dry, brittle hair. It seals in moisture and protects hair against breakage, leaving it soft, shiny and manageable.

Nourishing Hair and Scalp: This is an anti-dandruff formulation, enriched with tea tree oil for effective control of dandruff, flaking and itching. It soothes and hydrates the hair and scalp and is ideal for braided hair and dreadlocks.

Oil Sheen Spray: This oil sheen spray is the perfect finishing touch at the very end of a hairstyle. It seals the hairstyle and gives a beautiful shine and luster to the hair.

Get ready to create the perfect look that lasts!

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* Caivil Just For Kids is the #1 ethnic children’s hair care brand in South Africa according to data collected by Nielsen, Value & Volume Market Share, 12MM December 2021.


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