Forest Essentials says no to preservatives with fresh, made-for-you skincare


In an ideal world, skincare would mean picking fruit on leisurely walks in an endless orchard, then mashing the nectar into all-natural potions and lotions for the skin, with no preservatives or gimmicks. However, in reality, the stressors of everyday life can cause you to grab whatever is available on store shelves. To break the cycle, Forest Essentials is offering a limited edition range for summer that takes the term ‘farm to bottle’ to a whole new level. The principle is as simple as it is effective: each product unit is prepared from scratch when an order is placed to avoid losing the effectiveness of the ingredients by sitting for months on a shelf. Fresh skincare made in small, tailored batches when the ingredients are most potent – ​​what’s not to love?

When asked about the inspiration for the ‘Fresh From The Forest’ range, Founder and Managing Director Mira Kulkarni talks about nostalgia for a time when fresh was the norm, life was simpler, less competitive and more fulfilling. She says, “Our goal with this collection is to encourage you to take a break and pamper yourself with products made from the freshest ingredients nature has to offer. The logic is simple: freshness has always been the preference for food, so why not give the same courtesy to skin nutrition?

The online-exclusive collection currently offers seven products for skin, hair and body in a summer-only launch. “The decision was inspired by the ancient science of Ayurveda and the belief that when eaten at their freshest, fruits are pure nectar, turning into shaved and thus improve its ojas (vitality). Also, Ayurveda emphasizes seasonal harvesting and picking herbs of optimum potency,” she adds.


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