Forest Essentials flagship store in London to deliver a sensory retail experience


This festive season, Forest Essentials, India’s first luxury Ayurvedic beauty brand, has opened its doors at the brand’s flagship store in London’s iconic Covent Garden, the heart of the beauty district. When it opens on James Street in early November 2022, the James Street store marks Forest Essentials’ first international store and the only prestigious ‘Made in India’ brand to open a luxury retail store in the UK. The store experience promises to be forgiving. a haven of peace with an immersive design that fuses the brand’s deeply Indian roots with its multicultural vision.

A sensory delight, the flagship store will help shoppers discover and harness the secrets of coveted Indian beauty treatments and the holistic, wellness benefits of ancient Ayurvedic rituals, interpreted for modern everyday life through its range of beauty products. and experiences.

The indulgent store allows customers to explore the range of products available at Forest Essentials, from skin care, body care and hair care. From their beautifully designed gift sets, perfect for gifting and pampering, to traditional products such as hair and body oils, which are the foundation of beauty honed over centuries and generations, harnessing ancient wisdom, there will be a lot to discover. All Forest Essentials products are created with fresh, pure and seasonal ingredients sourced from plants, trees and herbs grown in the forests of the Himalayas and handmade wherever possible. Careful attention is paid to ingredient selection and packaging throughout the product cycle to fundamentally reduce environmental impact and contribute to society.

In the store, customers are invited to experience the luxurious world of Ayurveda with personalized Dosha consultations, decoding the science behind the Ayurvedic process and demystifying the three Doshas of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. After the consultation, shoppers can browse recommended products tailored to their specific Dosha and are offered tips and advice on how best to manage other elements of personal wellness, from sleep to stress management and nutritional needs.

Forest Essentials has always been at the forefront of smart architecture, with its factory in Lodsi, Uttrakhand (India) being a unique infrastructure that is a self-contained, off-grid facility ensuring a “zero carbon footprint” nestled in the mighty Himalayas, where ingredients are still sustainable today. from local artisans. The new store in Covent Garden echoes the factory’s design strategies while upgrading and modernizing the space to align with the preferences of the brand’s growing global audience, the store is an invitation to experience the India’s extraordinary journey through Ayurveda. The store’s modern, minimalist design is accentuated with touches of Indian artisan design. A map of India features organs of cold-pressed oils, which form the basis of many Forest Essentials products and are an indispensable part of India’s wellness heritage. The store includes other unique elements such as a cabinet reminiscent of ancient Ayurvedic apothecary cabinets filled with wisdom and treasures, and a consultation table which includes a striking gold finish, reflecting the shape of the revered Ganges which is intrinsic to India.

Designed by the Paris-based agency, the store harnesses luxury in purity, Ayurvedic scientific knowledge and traditional Indian craftsmanship, fusing the multicultural vision of the brand’s latest foray. Forest Essentials’ is delighted to open its doors to the world, opening up new avenues for Indian beauty brands.


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