Forest Essentials expands its product portfolio and unveils its new Fresh First collection


This summer season, Forest Essentials is bottling memories of summers spent devouring ripe mangoes and quenching the solstice heat with fresh water straight from the coconut shell, with a new line of limited-edition products. , #FreshFromTheForest.

Freshly made concoctions with the season’s finest ingredients, following age-old practices and techniques used by mothers and grandmothers, Forest Essentials’ new bespoke collection harnesses the best of summer’s bounty for your personal care. for skin, body and hair.

The ancient science of Ayurveda believes that when eaten at their freshest, fruits are pure nectar, turning into rasa and thus enhancing ojas (vitality). Skin nutrition works the same way – just like meals, “fresh” is also better for the skin. Produced in small batches, these exceptional botanicals and nature’s irresistible ingredients are concocted using traditional processes and delivered in their most potent form.

The collection features nature’s freshest ingredients delivered directly to you for face, body and hair, infused with ingredients never before seen at Forest Essentials, from farm to bottle.

Pure, potent and potent ingredients blended with cold pressed oils extracted from the first pressing of dried fruits result in high performance products. For hair, Ayurvedic head massage oils made with onion juice and hibiscus flowers boost hair health, deeply condition and strengthen hair from root to tip.

Buransh Juice, with incredible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial characteristics in the brand’s silky shower cleansers, with creamy Malai and Mishti Doi providing hydrating body butter richness.

For the face, Bael Sherbet and Sugarcane Juice make two new gentle facial cleansers, promoting skin health and helping to reduce skin stressors. A decadent Aamras replenishing facial mask deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, warding off the summer blues.

At Forest Essentials, our Fresh Selection is designed to retain this efficacy, with a limited shelf life of two to three weeks. Each unit of every product is made to order, specially manufactured within two days of ordering, ensuring strong, active, freshly potent skincare with every use. We’ve taken these delicious ingredients straight from nature and captured each of their benefits, naturally.


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