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Fall is here, and you know what that means, Amazon Fall Essentials, of course. Amazon has all the great finds at affordable prices. Students can get six months of Amazon Prime membership and 50% off their membership, that’s a really good deal! Who wouldn’t sign up for that. Students can rely on Amazon Prime as it offers fast delivery to get your item the next day. College life is busy, not everyone has time to shop during the week, so Amazon Prime is quick, easy, and never fails to deliver in a timely manner.

Whoever you are, occasionally cuddling a blanket in your bed or couch and watching Netflix’s hottest shows is all you want to do. There’s nothing quite like a cozy new blanket in an autumnal design. A fall blanket at Target can cost $50, who wants to spend that when you can spend half the price at Amazon.

The first thing that screams fall are pumpkins and Halloween. Everyone knows that pumpkin scent that fills the air and gets you in the spirit of fall. Pumpkin flavors can be sweet or spicy. The Pumpkin Spice plug-in air freshener is the perfect dorm room product to add a nice scent while being safe because no one needs a candle with the ability to start a fire.

Having fall themed decorations is a must this season, the simplest decoration can turn your living space into a beautiful one. Buying cute pumpkins is easy to put in your dorm or apartment to change the decor and get you in the spirit.

Sweater time is fall. Every girl must have a nice sweater and jeans. Amazon has a variety of sweaters and jeans. From bootcut, skinny and flair jeans to lightweight knitted sweaters, the options are endless. Who doesn’t want a pretty outfit to start the season in style?

Who says new season, says new hair ties. Do you ever lose all your scrunchies after buying them and struggle to tie your hair up at the last minute before washing your face or going to exercise? Amazon will bless your day with excellent quality fall colored hair scrunchies.

Is a girl’s best friend her phone? That’s what it seems. With so much time on the phone; at least dress her nicely. Amazon has durable phone cases with pumpkin and leaf designs and more.

Amazon will make your college year simple and flexible with a site that has everything you can imagine with the quick click of a button. Be careful though, with so many amazing products and offers, it can be easy to get carried away.


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