Fall Fashion Essentials


Although rightly so, shopping gets a bad rap in the financial world when it comes to your wallet. Reframing that fun self-care business by buying reliable staples and going about it with a plan can combat the downside of draining funds from something we all love so much. Fall is the perfect season to revamp your wardrobe and change the way you shop. See a little fall-friendly guide below that can give you the shopping strategy you need to look cute and keep your spending down these coming months. Let’s try to do both.

Vest – An underrated outerwear item, vests are the perfect pieces to throw on during those mid-temperature days Virginia college students know so well. I often pair an oversized vest with a long sleeve for milder days or a sweatshirt on days when I need more warmth. This style looks great with jeans, leggings, sweatshirts and can make your vibe casual or more polished. The quilted down jacket style is cute, but also explore and maybe enjoy a sherpa vest which might be a bit more cozy.

UGGs – As we all know, uggs are making a comeback. I scoffed at the idea a few years ago because it reminded me all too vividly of pairing them with leggings while drinking a Starbucks frappuccino in college. But this year, I’m bringing that nostalgic style back into my life with a more refined cold brew of Pumpkin Cream in my hand. You can opt for the slipper style or the boots road. I have the Ugg Minis and love to put them on in class. You can even pair them with cute socks and wear shorts. The options are endless.

claw pliers – Honestly, I don’t know how intrinsically this article is about falling. But, I am thinking of brown, orange and green colored hair accessories that will give your vibe some extra autumnal tones. Keep crazy hair at bay with half-up half-down looks or, more classically, tie up all your hair with this claw clip item. You’ll look chic while looking effortless. Emi Jay has some really good quality ones that don’t break, but it’s definitely an investment.

New Balance sneakers – When I think of fall, I think of school, university, afternoons in the library or walking to class among the fallen leaves. The New Balances fit perfectly into this image. Paired with blue mom jeans or a more athletic outfit, New Balances can give you the perfect sporty, clean and immaculate aesthetic.

Jacket – We’ve seen the down jacket trend and the denim jacket craze. These could definitely still have a place in your fall wardrobe, but another style that could rise on the fashion horizon is the bomber jacket. Cool girls wear bomber jackets. Layering one over black biker shorts and a tank top, or layering it up on cooler days, you’ll be sure to stand out and stay warm. I just bought a black one from Aritzia, and with its orange interior it definitely gives off some spooky energy. You can also opt for a color like green to match the military look more.

Lululemon Define Jacket – If you have one, fulfill your suburban, footballer (while being a boss) fantasy with this purchase. It will adapt perfectly to your body, giving your cut an athletic and flattering edge. Black is a cold hue. It literally feels like butter on your body.

Comfortable matching pajama set – It seems fair to end this list with something to wear to end your day and indulge in cozy dreams. Treat yourself to a luxurious cotton long-sleeved pajama set that might keep you from getting out of bed in the morning, but is sure to complement the autumnal energy your look has cultivated all day. Target and Walmart always have affordable options that feel like a million bucks when you’re tucked under your comfy sheets.


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