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The best investment you can make is to invest in yourself, that is, your future self. Our third virtual Poosh Your Wellness festival is designed to do just that. While the festival airs on February 27, 2022, this is just the beginning. Each session provides you with the tools and guidance to manifest and live your best ~future~ life from the start of the festival and beyond.

General admission is free, by signing up here, but we’ve arranged a Premium Pass which is basically a kit for living your best life. It comes with products for your mind, body, and beauty worth over $1,200, and it can all be yours for just $349. It’s a great deal and money well spent since the purchase supports your choice to live a healthier life.

Why the Premium pass? Like we said, consider this your commitment to investing in yourself…and your future.

Poosh Your Wellness Premium Pass

Price: $349

Ahead, we explain how we’ll incorporate each item included in the Premium Pass package during our Poosh Your Wellness festival and how you can use each product to enhance your Future You after the event.

In addition to the amazing tools below, the Premium Pass gives you access to the (ofc) event and a live virtual “meet and greet” group before the Zoom show with Kourtney Kardashian and the Poosh team.

But back to the future You kit to live your best life.

pyw 2022 products


The item: A $100 Bellabeat Gift Card, redeemable at

For the benefit of your future (woman)

Redeem Gift Card for purchase of Bellabeat’s ivy bracelet, which you can use to track your cycle and monitor your general well-being like heart rate, heart coherence, and physical and mental activity. All you have to do is wear the device and it will do the tracking for you!

In this session, you’ll learn about the phases of the female cycle and which self-care practices to optimize and when to work best during your cycle, all with the help of Ivy by Bellabeat.

The Item: One Dame Pom Flexible Jade Vibrator, Worth $95

To benefit your future sex life

We love a good vibrator, and we love sharing how to use it for all your sexual needs (even if that means using it solo). The Pom is one of our favorites because it’s compact, flexible, and gets the job done. You can ask your partner to use it on you during foreplay, but we have a feeling this will become your new, hassle-free, trusted “me” vibrator.

During the session, sex and intimacy expert Shan Boodram will explain how to experience next-level orgasms through mind and body tips and using your new Pom vibrator.

The article: A DMH Aesthetics Anti-Aging Mask, worth $190

To benefit your future skin care routine

We wanted to give Premium Passholders our latest exclusive LED mask that targets fine lines, dark spots and inflammation – the ultimate anti-aging skincare device. Using it for a quick 15 minute session two to three times a week will help prevent the first signs of aging in Future You.

The Item: A Liquid IV x Poosh Honey Ginger Turmeric Hydration Multiplier 10-Pack, Valued at $25

To benefit from your future hydration levels

Proper hydration is vital for the health of your skin and hair, for your immune health (eight glasses of water a day, baby), and for hangover support. It also helps with mental clarity, anti-aging, better overall performance, and calorie burning.

Objects: Obé Fitness 1 year subscriptionworth $199 + a set of Obé Fitness Resistance Loopsworth $18

For the benefit of your future body

Obé’s workout platform and app offers Pilates, yoga, barre, cardio dance, cardio boxing, HIIT, and home strength training live and on-demand. They literally have over 7,000 classes to choose from. Plus, you can use the Resistance Loop Set, which includes a Level I and Level II band for all your home workouts.

The Item: Studio Love 21 Days to Happiness Experience, a value of $495

For the benefit of your future happiness

Become a flexible (and happier) thinker in 21 days. During the Happiness Coach, Poppy Jamie course experience, you will learn how to access your best self and live the life of joy and fulfillment you were meant to live. The Happiness Experiment is a group exercise in neural reprogramming, designed to change your thought patterns so that you are naturally inclined to focus on joy. The full experience takes 21 days to sink your new thought patterns deep into your subconscious, but you will begin to feel the benefits immediately. Each day you will receive an audio lesson, daily journal exercise, and physical activity to help you improve your mind, unearth toxic core beliefs, determine your unique gifts, and continually realign yourself to your highest energy.

The article: One year subscription to the Tapping Solution appworth $95

To benefit from your future state of mind

The Tapping Solution app contains tapping meditations to release stress and find balance. Tapping is a powerful holistic healing technique proven to effectively resolve a range of stressors. It can help calm your nerves before a big moment, help a racing spirit fall asleep faster, and set positive intentions for a brighter future.

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