Earthly Essentials nourishes hair and body with natural ingredients


Ingredients in Earthly Essential products are derived from the Earth, chemical and cruelty free. Photo of Kincaid McLaren | @visualskm_

Lavascia Williams was tired of damaging her hair. She was also disappointed that the hair products she used and trusted that were marketed for her hair type caused this damage. This experience encouraged her to move away from store-bought brands to develop her own reliable products, ultimately creating Earth Essentials.

Simple and to the point, Earthly Essentials’ goal is to provide holistic hair and skin care products made with Earth-derived ingredients. Goat’s milk, avocado, aloe, shea butter, honey and more help nourish the body from head to toe, without chemicals or cruelty.

“Earthly Essentials emphasizes the importance of honoring nature and that it gives us many healing remedies for certain things or just to take care of ourselves,” says Lavascia Williams, Founder and CEO of Earthly Essentials, whose mission is to provide clean, natural products while promoting health from a holistic perspective.

Due to her distrust of store-bought products that broke her hair, Williams became very aware of the ingredients and began to conduct her own research, to determine what worked with her hair and what didn’t. . Soon, she wasn’t the only one benefiting from his moisturizing products.

Williams encourages the act of self-care with its 100% natural, chemical-free products that nourish all hair types and styles. Photo by Imani Ylsanita | @imani.ylsanita

“I wanted to share it with other people who have the same wants and needs to boost their natural hair and take care of it in the best possible way,” Williams says. “People want growth and health, and all of these natural things can contribute to that.”

Each element used in the brand’s products has its own strengths: goat’s milk is excellent for hydrating skin and hair, avocado has restorative properties and aloe vera moisturizes hair while helping to push.

Some popular products and vendors among its customers are the repairing butterthe new honey soaps and the famous solid shampoo containing a natural cleanser, which can also be used on the beard.

“The shampoo bar massages the scalp while lathering and cleansing at the same time,” she says. “There’s a bit of shea butter in it, so when someone uses the solid shampoo, it cleans their hair of product buildup but also rehydrates it and doesn’t strip it of its natural oils.”

Another great inspiration for the brand that she continues to develop every day is her deceased four-year-old sister, Maya, who is a driving force in her life and pushes her to do many things that she continues to do today. moment.

Since birth, Maya has had many health problems that have led her to receive different types of necessary medications. Williams would testify that her little sister took these drugs, propelling her to see life in an alternative way.

“I look at things through a very holistic lens, and I think a lot of things can be alleviated or cured with natural ingredients and products, so although I saw her growing up getting the medications she needed, it’s always played a role in where I stand today,” says Williams. “The honey milk bars were created in his memory because this year was the tenth anniversary of his passing in April, and we used to to call her “Maya the Bee”, so that’s where the honey soaps come from, she also had sensitive skin.

July 31 marked the second anniversary of Earthly Essentials and through her passion for hair care, Williams continues to emphasize the message ‘health is wealth’ through the act of self-care. with 100% natural, chemical-free products to nourish all hair types and styles. She hops too

es to educate communities on the importance of what clients should use on their bodies for optimal health, starting from the outside in.

“Earthly Essentials, combined into three parts, is my love for the earth and nature, how it makes me feel included in my guardian energy and wanting to help people in ways I know how, and my passion for hair Since the brand started out as strictly hair care,” she says, “I love natural hair, it does amazing things and it’s so versatile.

Visit Williams at his next appearfind its products in Treatment room at Pawtucket, or shop at the Earthly Essentials website.,


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