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Durga Puja is a time to celebrate, indulge in festivities and spend time with family and friends. The five-day celebration calls for traditional and delicious dishes, new dresses and saris and much more. Before the celebrations begin, there are plenty of errands to be done to prepare the household for the days ahead and indulge in the Puja spirit.
Here are some essential items to add to the shopping list —

Cleaning Essentials

A few days before Durga Puja, almost every household starts preparing to welcome the deity with zeal and happiness. It starts with a thorough cleaning of the house and the prayer room. By thoroughly vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning windows, and decluttering your home, you warmly invite Goddess Durga along with guests. Spending a day with your family to clean the house can make this task less tedious and time-consuming. Also, to make things more convenient, it is essential to buy floor cleaners, good quality mops and brooms, detergent and soap and all the other essentials. Moreover, with the cooking that accompanies Durga Puja, the essential cleaning products are very useful even after the festivities are over.

Fresh products

Although traditional Durga Puja food varies from house to house, it is important to keep in mind to cook food with nutritional value to maintain high energy levels. Some basic Durga Puja items include khichuri, luchi, payesh, hilsa fish, polau, potato curry, variety of chutneys, fried vegetables, etc. Preparing a delicious menu requires fresh and quality products such as basmati rice, lentils, flour, fresh fish, chicken, vegetables, quality dairy products such as milk, cream, butter and purified butter, necessary spices and herbs.

You can go further with refreshing juices and drinks like coconut water, lemonade, seasonal fruit juices, sodas, etc. It’s important to keep in mind that fresh, high-quality produce contributes both taste and nutrition, making the experience more enjoyable and enjoyable.

Photo: Sazzad Ibn Sayed


Durga Puja shopping must-haves

Photo: Sazzad Ibn Sayed

No party is complete without sweets. Whether as an after-meal treat or to entertain guests, sweets can be purchased from stores and prepared at home. Starting with all-time favorites like chomchom and probesh, chanar kheer, chanar payesh, roshogolla, laddu, sweet curd and yoghurt, the list goes on. Whether homemade or ready to eat, the secret to any delicious sweet treat is in the ingredients used to make it and how fresh it is.

All in all, Durga Puja is a time to be surrounded by friends and family and create memories that we can look back on. The preparations and attention to detail during this time go a long way to ensuring no stone is turned to make this possible. Whether it’s freshening up the house or preparing appetizing and tasty meals and sweets, the shopping list should include all the essentials that can also be used later.


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