Drew Barrymore shares his 5 most vital daily essentials


You have to ask – is there something Drew Barrymore doesn’t do? As she enjoys a runaway success with her daytime talk show since launching in September 2020, it’s had so many other business ventures over the years that it’s almost hard to count.

Of course, as an actress, she starred in 56 films since the start of her career at the age of 6 in 1982. Over the past five years, she has founded beauty of flowersthe hugely popular cruelty-free beauty line (which takes its name from its production company, Flower Films) and the Dear Drew clothing line with Amazon. In 2021 alone, she launched Drewa quarterly lifestyle publication for women, as well as her own cookbook, Rebellious Housewife”, as well as its own private label with Walmart, Beautiful by Drewwhich just released a 12 piece cookware set and many other beautiful kitchen gadgets.

On top of all that, Barrymore is also mum to daughters Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, so there’s hardly any rest for the former child star. (As never before!) Below, she takes us through the products she relies on to make her life easier — or just to guide her through her tireless schedule.

Ready to free up counter space by storing all your other kitchen gadgets? Barrymore swears by this 5-in-1 electric skillet from its own line that sauté, steam, simmer and more. (You can even put a whole chicken in it.) “Apologize your stove and slow cooker in advance,” she says. “This electric skillet is about to become your go-to tool for preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

“I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love my morning and afternoon — and sometimes evening — caffeine fix,” Barrymore says of this pre-bottled iced tea, made from Java micro-infused black tea leaves. Barrymore adds, “I drink it over lots of ice in a large travel mug – with a reusable straw, please!”

As a talk show host on camera five days a week, Barrymore is pretty much a makeup expert. But as much as she loves toying with beauty products, she also loves the feeling of having a clean face.

“After a long, busy day of makeup, there’s no better feeling than taking it all off,” she says. She loves using these eco-friendly cleansing pads, which can be used up to 1,000 times, eliminating so much unnecessary cotton pad waste. In addition, the microfiber texture, as well as the cleansing water, is gentle on the skin – no scratches or harsh friction. “This combo of micellar water and reusable cleansing pads is gentle yet very effective,” says Barrymore.

Barrymore is proud of her thick, long hair, and she uses this ultra-lightweight compact hair dryer from her Flower Beauty line at home and in her dressing room. And it’s always in her suitcases when she has to leave town. “This small but powerful hair dryer is not just for traveling,” she says of the powerful gadget. “It’s the perfect size for whenever you’re on the go and need to cool off.”

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Barrymore loves that these soap sheets are biodegradable, dissolvable and 100% plastic free, making them an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic hand soaps. “I take these awesome hand soap sheets everywhere I go,” Barrymore says, adding that she loves the natural scent made with essential oils and plant extracts. They also provide an ultra-rich lather. “They make frequent hand washing a pleasure,” she says.


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