Dorian Hair Design owner warning after burglaries hit Lymington



THE owner of a hair salon in Lymington has warned that all businesses in the area will need security shutters “if the break-ins continue”.

The warning comes from Dorian Taylor, 65, who robbed her Dorian Hair Design salon several weeks ago.

He said a neighbor who lives nearby called the police after hearing a bang during the night and seeing that the living room door had been “dark”.

Dorian’s son, wife and three children live above the living room and found the front door damaged in the morning.

Dorian said it cost him £ 2,400 to fix the door, which is now boarded up with wooden planks after burglars broke in in the early hours of September 18 and stole almost £ 200 in tips and shampoo.

Now the businessman has shared his anger at the multiple burglaries that have hit the Lymington area.

He said: “Of course I’m angry and they know who they are. Lymington is a quaint neighborhood in a small town and if the burglaries continue all businesses will need shutters.

“We had to close the next day because of damage to the door. The tips that were stolen were one of my staff’s tips that he had saved up all year.

He added: “There have been break-ins at several hair salons in the past few months. ”

Bonds Barber Shop barber Andy Towell has confirmed the break-in in their living room.

He said: “We were broken into and grass was chased under the doors around 5 am. They took £ 30. ”

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: “We were called at 1.53am on September 18th to report a burglary at Dorian Hair Design in St Thomas Street.

‘£ 180 in cash was reported stolen. We are aware of ten other business burglaries in the High Street area of ​​Lymington between September 8 and October 6. They include a burglary in Bond’s Barbers in High Street, Lymington, on September 23.

“We are looking to see if these are related.

“As part of our investigation, a 40-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of burglary at the JW Hair and Beauty Salon in Rashley Mews on September 8th. He was released but is still under investigation.

“The investigations are ongoing.

“Anyone with information should call the police on 101, citing the crime reference number 44190340841.”



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