Dog Essentials List: Products for your pets that will make your four-legged friend more active and lively at home


Dogs are man’s best friend. They are loyal, cuddly and all lovable. If you own a companion dog, you too will vouch for the fact that dogs make the earth a better place to live. products from our list of dog essentials. These online pet products have many positive reviews and are also well recommended by Amazon shoppers.

1. Dog Essentials – Tear Stain Remover

Pets suffer from unsightly tear stains. They are usually more noticeable on dogs that have white or lightly colored fur. This sulfate-free formulation is made from gentle natural ingredients that combine to effectively remove smudge-causing particles around the eyes.

Price: Rs 422

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2. Dog Essentials – Pet Wet Wipes

Does your four-legged friend hate swimming? Use these wipes to clean your dog and remove odors. These heavy-duty wipes will leave a sweet, fruity scent that you and your pup will enjoy all day. These gentle yet effective wipes are suitable for all dogs and puppies, regardless of size or age.


Price: Rs 229

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3. Dog Essentials – Dog Ear Cleaner

Just as our changing climate and bad weather cause us earaches and infections, dogs experience similar conditions. Earwax buildup also causes headaches. That is why you must check their condition and get these ear drops to treat infections, inflammation, redness, itching and head shaking caused by unwanted foreign pollutants or insects.


Price: Rs 299

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4. Dog Essentials – Grooming Kit

This box meets all your pup’s grooming needs as it contains waterless shampoo, conditioner, paw butter and more that ensures your pet’s hair is silky and smooth. This 8-in-1 grooming kit is the perfect solution to meet your pets’ needs with every daily healthy grooming.


Price: Rs 1605

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5. Dog Essentials – Calcium Bones

While our busy lifestyles prevent us from focusing on the oral hygiene of our pets, with the help of these bones we can solve these problems. When chewed, the calcium deposits in the bones help remove tartar and plaque buildup from the dog’s teeth and gums, making it easier to bring fresh breath.


Price: Rs 414

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6. Dog Essentials – Dehydrated Chicken Liver and Bone Meal Powder

Is your pup becoming less active or suffering from an eating disorder? There is probably something wrong with what you are giving them. The ingredients present in this mixture contribute to the holistic growth and maintenance of muscle mass and help to make them more alive and energetic.


Price: Rs 494

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7. Dog Essentials – Dog Shampoo

Infused with a blend of neem, arnica and shikakai, this natural formula eliminates dandruff and cleanses, soothes, softens and conditions your dog’s dry skin and coat. It is specially designed to deodorize, relieve itchy skin and leave your dog smelling great.


Price: Rs 236

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