Detroit hairstylist turns passion into career


Daevaun Linnear uses her hairdressing and advertising skills to develop a career, which has received a boost due to the popularity of certain hair weaves.

“I have always had a deep love for hair! I started styling professionally three years ago, ”said Linnear. He works as a stylist at Ladonna’s Classy Creations unisex salon located at 13901 E. Warren Ave. “At first I was doing it as a hobby, but I really took it seriously once the pandemic started… I noticed people were getting unemployment checks so I knew it was the right time. to start.

Daevaun Linnear at the Classy Creations Unisex Show in Ladonna.

Self-taught male hairdresser, Linnear does not want to box and values ​​mastery of all hair types. He loves the way his clientele continues to grow and shares how important it is to him to be successful in the hair industry. He said face-to-face networking will always be his main source of publicity.

“Going out and meeting people is better for me than social media because it carries more weight when it comes to networking. That’s because, if you don’t post, no one will know who you are… out of sight. So I often schedule myself to post hairstyling offers, ”Linnear said.

Linnear loves the beauty aspect that goes into creating fast front / close weaves. Although he said he enjoys performing all styles and techniques, he said there are two hair styles that are very popular here in Detroit.

“Lace frontals are a recent rave. That’s because of their versatility and how flawlessly it looks to grow from your own scalp … at NaturalGirl Wigs, an online retailer.

Therefore, Linnear tries to be as neat as possible and lets his work speak for itself as he continues to grow his business and says branding and advertising is very important. When it comes to social media, he makes sure his presence is known.

“I usually advertise through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I really enjoy making TikTok videos and distributing them on other social media sites. This is because people respond better to my platform on TikTok, compared to a regular post. This is because my quick tutorial videos go off the beaten track and get a lot of attention. I break down the small steps of what I’m doing and get more than just a tap, ”Linnear said.

Linnear has overcome many challenges by becoming a men’s hairstylist and continues to show why he has a place in the female-dominated beauty industry. “My clients motivate me to do my hair; I have nice customers who come regularly. I feel like if I continue to have good interpersonal relationships, my clients will come back, ”Linnear said.

Ladonna Anter, of Ladonna’s Unisex Classy Creations Salon, said how uplifting and fun it was to have Linnear as a hairdresser in her shop.

Stylist hair stations inside Ladonna’s Classy Creations unisex salon.

“Daevaun joined the store at the start of the year, he’s a good stylist. I like the passion and the detail he puts in his work; you can tell he likes what he does. As he progresses in this area, he collects all the information given and performs. I like his ability to satisfy his customers. His passion and his desire to learn the profession make me want to give him more. It’s because, (I) know he’s going to put it into growing his career, ”Anter said.

Client Sharbree Williams is one of Daevaun’s clients.

“I love the way he styles, and my hair grows every time I get a setup from him. When he styles me, it’s always a good vibe. We always laugh and tell jokes. the shop is when I thought I wanted a short bob but decided to take it out the same day. He was so understanding about my change of decision and scheduled me the next day, replaced the hair to lengthen my bob, and I left the store completely loving it. It was really cute, “Williams said.

Sew in style to leave on the Linnear customer.

Linnear doesn’t let anything deter him from his passion and loves to see his customers happy. He has always had a passion for hair. “The different styles and techniques that I come up with are my favorite things about a stylist,” Linnear said. Asked about his childhood, he tells how he has always been a creative visionary. “My grandmother always bought me LEGOs, because I was always good with my hands and loved putting things together,” Linnear said.

“A year from now, I can still see myself installing hair and growing my client base,” Linnear said.


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