Cozy wardrobe essentials you can still enjoy in a warmer climate


We believe that the art of wearing a headscarf should be considered a talent in the same way as ballet or guitar. If you wear scarves regularly, you might already know that the accessory can make or break an outfit, molding the entire look with just a quick swipe around your neck. Depending on the type of scarf you’re going for, you could switch up your outfit through a pop of color like cherry red or marigold on an otherwise neutral base. Additionally, scarves also add texture to your garments, transforming a wool coat and tights into something more with woven and metallic-speckled details.

An extra element to scarves that you might not even realize? The way you tie them. French women have been known to switch up their look by tying their scarves in different ways each time they wear them, either with a simple shoulder throw or a chic double knot (via my little four). With all these assets, it would be a shame to ruin your scarves in summer and spring.

So what are some stylish ways to wear a scarf in the warmer months? Spring is the perfect season for scarves, especially simple monochrome looks paired with a similarly colored bright sweater, chic pants, flats and lacrosse. It will be a welcome alternative to wearing a scarf which does not require a coat. For the summer, try tying your scarf around your upper body and making it into a makeshift top or wearing it as a pareo.


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