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CLEMSON – The man behind the sport’s most famous hair isn’t territorial. Trevor Lawrence, Scott Holder always knew, should finally find a new hairdresser.

That day has come.

Holder, the owner of Hair Techniques in Cartersville, Ga., Trusts the former Clemson star and Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback to find a competent stylist in his new home. Holder just hopes that whoever takes responsibility will respect Lawrence’s time.

When Lawrence first started growing his hair out in high school, Holder said he made sure his chair was a safe space. In the 20 minutes it would take to cut Lawrence’s 1.5-inch hair cut, Holder never mentioned football.

“We were talking about fishing, we were talking about golf,” said Holder, who also played as a quarterback in high school. “Everyone in the world wanted to talk to him about football. I just tried to give him some free time.… I just wanted to give him some space.”

Lawrence didn’t officially become a Jaguars player until April 29, when the franchise selected him with the No. 1 draft pick, so it’s not clear if the star even found a new stylist.

But when that moment comes, a long list of hair specialists will be ready.

Eric Rivera, for his part, thinks he would be a good candidate. A Jaguars team barber since 2016, Rivera opened Precision Barber Shop with a loan from former Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Rivera has made home visits for local business owners, charging up to $ 300 for a cut. He said he would have no problem working with Lawrence’s hair, which is longer than his typical client’s.

“Me, going to a school (of cosmetology) in the north, in New Jersey, that taught me a lot. It’s very diverse, there are a lot of styles there. They are always up to the new ones. styles, new trends, ”says Rivera. “If Trevor sat in my chair, he would definitely be able to give him exactly what he wanted. Or if he asked me for advice on what he wanted, I would certainly be able to do that too.”

Cynthia Meadows, owner of A’Bliss Studio in Jacksonville, already has some suggestions for Lawrence. Meadows, who worked for rappers Teyana Taylor and Lil Mama, suggested Lawrence could benefit from dyeing her hair brown and having a razor cut, which would create wispier locks.

Meadows said a less “feminine” style could benefit Lawrence’s image.

“I would like to give her a new look to welcome her to Jacksonville,” Meadows said.

It may take some serious effort to convince Lawrence to change his appearance. Her hair has inspired social media accounts and Halloween costumes. It is, besides his famous right arm, his most marketable trait.

Lawrence, who revealed in 2019 that he uses Pantene shampoo, has yet to sign an approval deal with a shampoo or conditioner brand, and it’s not because he hasn’t. been active in the market – the quarterback has previously partnered with Adidas, Gatorade, Bose, Blockfolio, AirBnb and Wingstop.

Maybe he wants to keep his hair routine a secret.

“I don’t know if he would do (a sponsorship deal) for a specific shampoo,” Holder said.

Yet at some point Lawrence will have to have his hair cut. Whether it’s with Rivera, Meadows, or some other Jacksonville stylist, Holder’s successor will have some big shoes to fill.

Holder recalled a haircut Lawrence had planned for a Thursday afternoon. Cartersville High School put on a big game the next night and some of Holder’s buddies joked that he shouldn’t touch Lawrence’s hair.

If Lawrence played badly the next day, they said, it would be Holder’s fault. Holder addressed the hype when Lawrence came to sit in his chair.

“So let’s go ahead and let’s clear something up. No matter how you play tomorrow night, it has nothing to do with that haircut. Do you get it?” said Holder.

Lawrence chuckled and agreed. He ended up playing really well the next night, of course, but not before Holder cut off those 1.5 inches. There was no mention of football for the rest of the meeting.

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