Christopher Griffin’s 9 Essentials For A Lush Kween Plant Lifestyle


A D presents the Smart guest edit, a shopping series in which our favorite design enthusiasts share the products and collectibles that bring their interiors to life. This week’s special guest is Christopher Griffin, educator, host and Plant Kween from Brooklyn. Get exclusivity on what’s at the top of their wishlist here, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Clever newsletter to receive these choices straight to your inbox each month.

Anyone who’s ever scrolled through Instagram at Christopher Griffin’s Brooklyn, New York apartment will agree that the space is an oasis with an abundance of beautiful plants. Since 2016, Christopher has been building community and providing visibility to the people of QTPOC through the power of plants as the self-proclaimed Plant Kween. Christopher is currently working as Deputy Director of the NYU LGBTQ + Center, and their education background and affinity for greenery made it very natural for them to step up to create content around the exciting world of horticulture.

“I would describe my decorating style as maximalist when it comes to plants and minimalist when it comes to everything else,” says Christopher. “I love the warm colors, the bold textures, the unique prints, the fun shapes for the pieces I bring into my home, because minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean simple, honey. The decor pieces I’ve highlighted here are lavish, lush, and simply golden, in the most beautiful way.

As a non-binary queer black woman, Christopher also understands the importance of maintaining your own space that functions as an authentic representation of who you really are. So, for them, interior design is like “writing a love letter to my past, present and future self.” Here, the host of a new YouTube series for A D tells us all about the nine products they love to serve up lush looks in your humble abode. Think of this list as a must-have retail therapy for finding inner peace.

48 “x76” Infinity Brass Floor Mirror

“Who doesn’t love a large floor mirror with a brass finish? I have always focused on using mirrors as a way to make my little Brooklyn [apartments] appear larger, bringing a little more breath and depth to the space. Recently, the goal of these reflective design pieces has been to increase that sunshine for our green gurls through reflection and redirect.

Image may contain: Candle and Lamp

Emmett Antique Brass Tapered Candle Holders

“A candlelit evening is always the mood, darling!” A beautiful combination of classic antique chic paired with a modern rustic lewk is always my go-to accessory when adding golden texture to my interior apartment jungle.

Image may contain: Cushion and Pillow

“Combine the color yellow with a velvet texture, and you have my pieces! With yellow being my accent color of choice, this cute velvet pillow ticks all the boxes for the perfect cuddly pal on the couch.

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Mustard and Cream Solstice Wall Hanging

“You simply can’t go wrong with a beautiful piece of wall decor that is made using a zero waste process. Serving the reality of texture and channeling the moon into a bright sky, this piece fits on any wall in my apartment.

Image may contain: Pot, Plant and Food

The Kween vegetable candle by EssentiallyCharlie

“Filled with a combination of woody and earthy scents that I love and adore – cedar, amyris, patchouli, eucalyptus and niaouli – this locally made and hand-poured candle is obviously one of my favorites!” This ecologically responsible candle, prepared with coconut oil and beeswax, was born from a beautiful collaboration with my good friend of many years Charlie.

Aja wallpaper in green by Justina Blakeney

“Plants aren’t the only way to green your space, gurl! This vibrant wallpaper with its lush leaf pattern is simply a must have and would be perfect for an accent wall. #SupportBlackOwnedBusinesses ”

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Davey Ivory / Light Pink Wool Tufted Rug

“Rugs bring comfort and warmth to a space. This one with its touch of orange, embossed fabric pattern, and mid-century modern design is a beautiful work of art in itself.

Image may contain: Modern Art, Art and Canvas

Collage Art Print by nawaalillustrations

“[Speaking to] a long legacy of powerful, strong and resilient black mothers, this piece of art has my heart and captures such a beautiful moment that I often enjoyed when my mother did my hair as a child.

Maura modular S-Sectional in forest

“Forest green, velvet upholstery, and sculptural chic from the 70s … That’s a triple yes for me!” If I had to splurge on a statement piece for my living room, this velvety S-section would pair so well with my inner little jungle of green gurls. It’s minimal but rich and grand, and would add a cozy lushness to the room.


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