Celebrity hairstylist Priscilla Corner says hair design is a commitment that should be honored



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The importance of taking care of your hair and looking beautiful today is an integral part of fashion, and there is no getting away from it. Everyone hopes her hair will look like celebrities and all the girls who want to look like these heroines on the wedding day. But without any expert advice, this may not be possible. In such a situation, the famous Indian celebrity hairstylist and creative director of luxury salons, Priscilla Corner, is a prime example.

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In her recent tweet, Corner wrote, “For me, hairstyling is about commitment to your craft and discipline in your execution!” Service and quality play an important role for any hair salon as well as its customers, and this is the reason why June Tomkyns is one of the luxury salon brands in Kolkata today. Priscilla Corner has received awards for best hair design, hair color and hair style from celebrities, heroines and actors. The list of top 10 luxury hair salons in Kolkata includes his name as number one.

Indians are inspired by women like Priscilla Corner, who is impressive, independent and full of self-confidence. Her artistry, confidence and technique make her a successful hairstylist in India. The number of fans she has on her social media pages and on the internet is a measure of her fame. Social media provides insight into their work and appreciation.

According to Mid-Day, Priscilla Corner is the creative director of hair salon brand June Tomkyns in Kolkata, a business her family has owned and operated for decades. She has made her presence in the music industry with her unique talent, and from time to time she is a part of movies, previews of which can be found on the internet.

As a famous celebrity hairstylist from Kolkata, Priscilla has worked with well-known actors in the Bollywood-Tollywood film industry and won many awards. The report states that the people of Kolkata also call her “hairdresser” which is nothing short of an honor in itself.

She has been instrumental in maintaining Priscilla Corner’s name as a top hair and makeup artist. Priscilla’s popularity on social media has allowed her to gain clients not only in India but also abroad. Supreme actor, singer and stylish hairdresser, she has played many roles in her life, for which she is nicknamed the versatile Priscilla.

Article first published: Monday, February 28, 2022, 4:39 p.m. [IST]


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