Car accident in Folsom hairdressing salon


Christina Mercadel said she has witnessed many car crashes and crashes on the street where her living room is located, but nothing like it.

FOLSOM, Calif .– A Folsom hair salon owner faces the aftermath after a car slammed into their apartment building Wednesday morning, also hitting a wall at a nearby nail salon. Christina Mercadel said she had witnessed many car crashes and crashes along East Bidwell Street – where her salon is located – but nothing like it.

“I saw him go by and I knew he wasn’t stopping and I just started screaming,” explained Mercadel, the owner of Tangled hair salon on Folsom.

Mercadel said she was in shock when she saw a car cross a stop sign, cross four lanes of traffic, then head to her parking lot – straight towards her and her customers inside her business .

“The car went into the wall and ended up where my client was sitting,” she explained. “I immediately went to my client and a stylist pulled the driver out of the car.”

Mercadel explained that after entering the building, the car then went through an interior wall, knocking it over people inside the nearby nail salon, slightly injuring a nail technician. The Mercadel client who was run over by the car went to the hospital but is fine.

“A car driving into your building is not something that happens every day, so it’s a bit traumatic for everyone involved,” she explained.

She said that in her ten years at the East Bidwell Street show in Folsom, car crashes have become commonplace.

“There were even people who took out our light poles, our front landscaping,” said Mercadel. “People drive very fast, so it’s pretty scary.”

Folsom Town Public Works said they had not received any speeding complaints in the area, and that this segment was not identified as a road with high crash rates in their most recent safety plan report from the city.

Mercadel said she had not sent any formal complaints to the city, but at the very least she would like pedestrian crossings installed.

In the meantime, she had had to deal with telephone lines and torn electrical cords as a result of the accident. She said her insurance would more than likely cover her losses, including hair products and her laptop.

She said that in the end, she was just happy that no one had suffered serious injuries.

“Looks like it was some kind of freak accident,” Mercadel said. “I never thought someone would go up the handicapped accessible ramp.”

Folsom Police Department did not respond to ABC10 on the status of the driver.

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