Blackpink Lisa and her wardrobe essentials for a chic look

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Blackpink’s Lisa is known for being an amazing dancer and effortlessly cool rapper, and her grunge meets pop and hip hop aesthetic reflects that. Here’s how you can get him to watch.

Lisa has served up a remarkable look at every occasion, from conquering the stage to hanging out with the girls. The Thai K-pop singer has an undeniably distinct and striking style, best known for her cool, edgy approach to grunge fashion. There’s enough material on her intricate on-stage looks to fill a book, so we’ll focus on her off-duty looks that you can easily replicate.

Lisa has compiled a list of wardrobe essentials to look good this season.

A simple crop top seems like a staple of Lisa’s off-duty wardrobe, whether it’s fully sleeved, sleeveless, or off the shoulder.

Lisa wears varsity jackets, especially oversized jackets, so often that they have become one of her classic fashion items. The jacket adds a casual, athletic touch to even the most feminine looks – a very Lisa juxtaposition.

Lisa likes to stay warm. Perhaps the Thai-born idol prefers to be warm and cozy at all times. However, that doesn’t mean you can only wear hoodies in colder climates.

A hat will not only keep you warm, cool, windy or sunny, but it will fit you as well. It will tie any look together and give you the confidence to pull off a bad hair day.

Lisa also loves denim jackets, especially ones that are oversized, so get your size right! They look great on her (and anyone else) so she wears them all the time, at work and on the weekends.

Lisa is the queen of all things dressy or casual. This ability is particularly evident in his love of wearing graphic t-shirts. She has posed in various versions of them on numerous occasions.

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