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Ava Lund Redwood Gazette

Hairstylist, wife and mother, Morgan Hagert, has taken on a new role as the second-generation business owner at the full-service Hair Company Salon & Spa. Founded by her mother, Sue Tholkes, the ownership transition became official in January.

Hagert had always planned to own the business. Growing up surrounded by her mother’s business, she established a comfort in the environment that made the transition seamless.

“I’m confident she will succeed and follow her path where she wants to go,” Tholkes said. “She is talented and a people person. She is passionate about her profession. »

Hagert started helping out in the salon when she was in middle school. Her duties ranged from cleaning and answering the phone to greeting customers and assisting in the old tanning department.

After graduating from SDSU in 2015, she attended the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute School of Cosmetology in Minneapolis. Hagert started working at Hair Company shortly after earning her cosmetology license in 2016.

Being raised by a mother working in the industry is why Hagert got into the profession. Hagert has always loved the lounge atmosphere. She takes every opportunity to express her creativity and appreciates how each day is different from the last. Although each profession has its own challenges, Hagert was never afraid of what might happen in the world of cosmetology.

Sue Tholkes has been a hairstylist for 37 years and has officially passed the ownership rights to her daughter, after owning the salon for 29 years. Tholkes began working as a hairstylist at Johnson’s Beauty Lounge. Once owner Dar Johnson began looking for a new owner, Tholkes’ husband encouraged her to buy the salon. Tholkes became the owner in the spring of 1993, just months after the birth of her daughter. Tholkes changed the name to Millstreet Hair Company before moving in 2013. After moving just around the corner from Millstreet’s original location, the company’s name was changed to Hair Company Salon & Spa.

Tholkes had always had an interest in hair as she recalls fond memories of playing at the beauty salon with her neighborhood peers as a child. Hairdressing came naturally to her as she was often asked growing up if it was something she was interested in as a profession.

Both mother and daughter love the arts and the ability of their work to play into their art. It’s a profession that has allowed them to build relationships with clients they deeply value. Although it is their job, none of them consider it work.

“Customers like you are the first key to a successful business story,” Tholkes said.

As the new owner, Hagert hopes to keep what her mother built and provided for the community. Hagert and Tholkes will continue to work as hairstylists with their regular hours.

“We are a staple in the community. We will always be here and we always want to serve and be part of the community,” Hagert said. “This company has been around for a long time. Its important to me.”

Going forward, Hair Company Salon & Spa will continue to educate and adapt to changes within the industry. By next year, Hagert hopes to give clients the option of making appointments through online booking.

Hair Company Salon & Spa is located at 132 E Second St. and can be reached at 507-637-8040.


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