Barbers and hairdressers have been hit hard during the pandemic – RSViP app to the rescue with online booking for customers


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Book beauty appointments through the RSViP app

RSViP is a free scheduling app that connects clients with qualified beauty professionals by changing the way appointments are booked.

I’m a hairstylist and have tried at least four dating apps in the past and been so disappointed. Someone recommended this app and it is by far the best…”

— Pattie Herbert

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, September 21, 2021 / — The COVID-19 pandemic has been a blow to many businesses. The old ways of working are no longer enough and this has led to the closure of many businesses. Needless to say, the beauty and wellness industry is no exception. It’s more because this industry thrives on services that rely on proximity and growing concern over the pandemic has led customers to stay away from beauty services. It required change – a new way of doing business and giving customers confidence that they were doing their part to keep them safe. But to reach potential customers, a new platform was needed. And that’s how RSViP comes into play.

Most companies have realized that the old way of doing business is gone. Many industries have implemented new features in their business models that will keep them alive for future generations. Many businesses such as Walmart, Publix, Restaurants and other retail businesses have implemented contactless curbside pickup or expanded their delivery options. Statistics show that people have become extremely accustomed to convenience and fast enough processes to get confirmation of what they are looking for. The concept of instant gratification is stronger than ever and consumers don’t like to wait for their daily needs to be met.

RSViP LLC was born out of the idea that a free scheduling app was always needed because booking hair appointments online was always cumbersome. A hair salon booking app is the need of the hour so that clients can opt in for their grooming session whenever they want. For companies, RSViP is a boon because through this platform, they can reach their customers very easily.

It’s not just a hair salon app, it’s a one stop shop for luxury salons, massage therapists, fitness trainers, tattoo artists to reach their clients. Thanks to RSViP, companies can:

• Invite existing customers and attract new ones
• Offer instant confirmation to customers
• Manage appointments
• Modernize their business
• Configure availability
• Accept credit/debit card payments through Stripe
• Set up promotions and rewards to give customers a reason to book with them

Independent contractors can easily connect with potential customers through this platform. They will be able to:

• Confirm, decline or reschedule appointments
• Accept credit card payments
• Offer promotions
• Get a quick and direct deposit into their bank accounts
• Build customer loyalty through social media integration
• Configure their availability and use time efficiently

For professionals, this application is a must for business continuity. Along with this, they can run their business in an organized manner avoiding booking overlaps and chaos which has been a recurring theme for most businesses. Several professionals have already given new life to their businesses thanks to this application without letting the pandemic stop their activity. Others have managed to better organize their lives thanks to this application.

According to hairstylist Pattie Herbert, “I’m a hairstylist and have tried at least four dating apps in the past and been so disappointed. Someone recommended this app and it’s by far the best. Very easy to use for me and my clients I entered my services with prices and basically that’s it I can’t believe they don’t charge a monthly fee but I’m not complaining .

How does RSViP connect professionals to customers?
The RSViP app is a smart appointment booking app which uses an up-to-date database of beauty and wellness professionals. This makes it the best appointment booking app because it effectively connects users with new and talented beauty specialists by showcasing certified professionals and high-end beauty or hair salons in their area.

With the RSViP app, customers will now be able to step into the next generation of how one can book a beauty appointment online through the best appointment booking app. The app is available for download with no monthly fees or contracts, and it’s completely free to use. The days of long queues are now over.

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