Award Winning Bulk Homme Line For Men Grooming Essentials Now In The US


Bulk Homme, a 2020 Pure Beauty Global Award-winning skin and hair care brand founded by a young Japanese man, is now available in the US market.

According to the founder, the brand’s science-based solutions were designed specifically for the needs of men’s skin and hair, and together the products deliver a simple yet sophisticated skincare regimen.

Bulk Homme was founded in 2013 by 23-year-old Japanese entrepreneur Takuya Noguchi. His plan was to make the basics of male grooming more exciting.

The name Bulk Homme comes from the Japanese cosmetic industry term vrac, which means the actual product that goes into the bottle / container, and homme, French word for “man”.

Bulk Homme’s target customer, according to Noguchi, is an 18- to 49-year-old man who takes good care of himself and spends over $ 20 a month on skincare products.

Noguchi says he has focused on quality in every detail of his brand, from formula and texture to fragrance and packaging.

The herbal formulas are made in Japan and revolve around seven key ingredients: Cellular Extract from Cultured Apple (Miraculous Apple), Japanese Spring The water , glyceryl glucoside, hydrolyzed silk, green tea leaf extract, yuzu fruit extract and white willow bark extract. The formulas, which have a fresh and slightly floral powder scent, are free of parabens, silicones, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, petroleum-based surfactants and UV absorbers, and are not tested on animals.

Bulk Homme’s see-through pouch allows users to see each product and feel the texture before opening it, which the brand says enhances the sensory experience. The pouches also use less plastic than conventional bottles. In addition, Bulk Homme uses biodegradable paper and packaging wherever possible.

For skin care, Bulk Homme offers a 3-step routine designed specifically for men’s skin that contains twice as much oil as women’s skin and less water, according to Noguchi. It includes facial cleanser, liquid toner, and light nourishing milk.

The Face Wash by Bulk Homme comes in a package that has a simple description of the product.

For hair care, the line includes an amino acid-based gel cleansing shampoo that foams to a decadent cloud-like lather while infusing the scalp with collagen and hyaluronic acid; a light and refreshing conditioner (called The Treatment); and a nutrient-rich scalp serum.

By offering a simplified diet, there is less product and packaging waste, insists Noguchi, who spoke to Happi when he attended a pop-up event at Naked Retail in early November, which was scheduled with the debut. in the USA.
HAPPI: Why enter the American market? What gap have you seen that Bulk Homme could fill?

Noguchi: According to Euromonitor’s survey, the US men’s grooming market is one of the largest markets in the world. That being said, there should be needs, opportunities, and possibilities for new men’s skin care brands like ours. In addition, the e-commerce market is also mature in the United States and this fact also encouraged us to enter the new market. It is easier for new players like ours to enter the market with the digital platform than to enter the traditional retail market.

Men in the United States take care of themselves as well as the mature market in general and this fact also encouraged us to decide to enter the American market.

HAPPI: How about the flagship product in your range and why?

Noguchi: The Face Wash (and The Bubble Net, f I can choose two items). The facial cleanser is a crude Soap which forms a rich whipped foam facial cleansing lather that coats the skin to reduce friction when washing your face. This whipped foam cleansing experience is a whole new way to cleanse the face and what we have offered in all markets and is the greatest asset our customers always come back to.

Men tend to prefer scrubs or strong ones Detergent which can cause skin problems, but in reality men’s skin is just as delicate as women’s and strong detergent is not needed. Everything that men need are very simple; cleanse with a mild cleanser to keep the skin clean, moisturize the skin and protect it with the Moisturizers .
The facial cleanser works well as a first step in a men’s daily skin care routine.

HAPPI: The range is very focused / straightforward, but are there any plans to expand the range?

Noguchi: Yes! We’ve actually developed other products, including body care items, sunscreen, and even makeup items. The make-up items have just been launched this summer in Japan.
We strategically selected the items when we entered the new market and this time we selected skin and hair care products to start.

HAPPI: What are your prospects for 2022 in terms of the performance of the male grooming market?

Noguchi: I believe the market will continue to grow even as COVID impacts the whole world. The sales volume of the digital platform will certainly increase as the growth of the retail market slows down. The market for women’s skin care will also increase slightly, I think. The reasons are that people have more time to spend at home and focus more on skincare than on makeup items because people spend less time with their friends and colleagues.

Generation Z is also affecting the men’s grooming industry. They prefer to be non-sexist and are not afraid to try new things without any judgment.


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