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By Scott Stewart / Special for Creative Hair Design Salon & Spa

A day at Creative Hair Design Salon & Spa can make you feel like a million bucks.

But a career at the salon has made employees into literal millionaires.

John Mangiameli, owner of Creative Hair Design, knows that people are what make a business successful.

“I can’t stress enough that I have a terrific, terrific, absolutely terrific group of employees,” he said.

Mangiameli said he’s been saying for years that he won’t retire until an employee achieves their first millionaire status through his company’s 401(k) retirement program.

“I’m going to have to change that number to $1.2 million,” Mangiameli joked, now that several employees are close to that goal.

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Mangiameli never went to college, but he said he got his “MBWA” – Managing by walking around.

“I don’t expect anything from my employees that I don’t do myself,” he said. “I’m going to get some towels. I sweep the hair. I shampoo the clients. I cut clients for other employees. I’ll get some coffee for the customers.

That’s why the employees have stayed so long, accumulating more than 800 years of experience among the salon’s 85 or so employees, in an industry where staying two years is unusual.

“Our track record is very good,” Mangiameli said, adding that he is currently hiring.

This record of quality service is why customers return year after year, choosing Creative Hair Design as Omaha’s Choice for Day Spa, Hair Salon, Massage Therapy, Men’s Haircut and Shave and the nail salon.

“I’ve always said if I take care of the employees, they’ll take care of the customers,” Mangiameli said.


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