Ariana Grande shares a makeup tutorial using her “daily essentials” – and we all want them


When it comes to modern beauty icons, there are really only a handful of people who have recognizable makeup the way Ariana Grande does. During her years in the spotlight, she’s really focused on gorgeous eye makeup creations, stepping out with the perfect swipe of liquid eyeliner more times than we could count — not to mention her skin. perfectly brilliant.

If you’re dying to know how you can try and recreate such makeup perfection on your own, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that the 28-year-old just shared a tutorial using some of her favorite products from its own brand rem beauty.

In an Instagram reel posted to the brand pageAriana showed off three of her go-to products, including a shimmering eyeshadow, while teasing that a third product drop, Rem Beauty Chapter Three, “may or may not” be coming soon.

Ariana Grande is known for her serious makeup

“As of the second chapter of Rem Beauty, some of my favorite products would have to be our Midnight Shadows metallic gel eye shadow pots,” she told fans in the clip. “I love using them on my eyelids, but also on my chest or cheeks.”

Ariana was definitely using the Touch icy mint shade, but you can take any of the eyeshadows for £16 each here. We will immediately add them to our online baskets.

The star then added, “They come in five different shades and I named them after love languages, and you can use them just about anywhere.”

Ariana Grande applies Rem Beauty Metallic Gel Eyeshadow
Ariana demonstrates her metallic gel eyeshadow in the shade Icy Mint

Ari has also recommended and demonstrated the use of two of his skin prep products, the Full Night’s Sleep Refreshing Concealer Balm, £23 hereand Mist Thing Soothing Facial Mist, £25 here.

“I love it to prep my eyes before makeup or just to put it on before bed and keep it in the fridge; it’s really refreshing and decongestant,” she said of the under eye balm, adding face mist, “It’s so delicious. I love using it when I remove my makeup, before my makeup as a skin prep, or as a setting spray too!”

Watch this space for Rem Beauty Chapter Three news as we receive it. We are counting the days until the next drop!

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