Are you going to get married? Here are three essentials to make your big day even more special


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Let the wedding planning begin…

First of all; congratulations!

An engagement is one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life and we know you want to stay in that little love bubble for as long as possible. However, once the champagne has been drunk and the initial excitement has subsided (slightly), it’s time to start planning.

When it comes to planning the most special day, no one wants to compromise. To help you achieve the wedding of your dreams, we have teamed up BAI to bring you the three key ingredients that every good marriage needs.

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Finance the location of your dreams

Whether it’s the reception hall of an amazing hotel, on a beach overseas, or in the backyard of your childhood home, don’t shy away from the location of your dreams. If you choose to spend more of your budget on securing the location, anything is possible. You can still make money in other areas by dipping your toe into crafts, baking your own cake, or choosing wildflowers for your bouquet!

Where you place your ceremony and reception will leave a lasting impression in your mind and heart forever, so make sure it’s everything you imagined.

Involve your talented friends

If you are lucky enough to have musicians, beauticians and photographers among your entourage, include them on occasion. Whether it’s having your hair and makeup done by someone who knows your taste, style and preferences, or having your picture taken by someone who knows you well, surrounding yourself with your friends can help keep those nerves at bay. You could even ask a friend to officiate the ceremony!

Make sure you have your loved ones with you, adding their own personal touch to your big day is sure to make it even more special.

Plan the wedding day you to want!

Ultimately, tying the knot is about celebrating the love you and your partner share — so don’t get stuck in a rut of catering to everyone’s tastes and preferences. While your family and friends may expect a grand traditional wedding, they’ll appreciate it all the more if it feels authentic to you.

You can’t please everyone, but making sure you and your partner are truly happy with every element of the wedding will leave you with absolutely no regrets.

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