ACNH How to Get a Harriet Hair Salon


The ACNH 2.0 update is packed with new content and systems. This includes things like growing crops and vegetables, using them for cooking, hiring Kapp’n to visit other Mystery Islands, and much more. One of these additions allows you to help Harv build a mall on their island and populate it with different stores and services. This includes Harriet who runs a hair salon. She will naturally provide hairdressing services there. To be able to obtain it, you will have to carry out several steps beforehand, and our ACNH How to Get a Harriet Hair Salon guide will provide you with a detailed explanation of everything you need to do.

How to unlock Harriet Hair Salon

To be able to unlock and use Harriet Hair Salon in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will need to upgrade Harv’s Island first. This is easily done, but note that you must have a 3-star island first. Otherwise, Harv will not send you the letter inviting you to its island. After going there, you won’t find Harv in its usual place – its photography studio, but in the back, in a whole new area of ​​the island. He’s standing there with Harriet, and they’ll tell you all about their plans for Harv’s Island. What they want to do is turn this area into a mall.

Of course, they will need your help to achieve this. You can make a donation to build stores there. Each shop costs 100,000 bells. Harriet Hair Salon is the exception to the rule, as you don’t have to pay for her boutique. However, you’ll need to build at least one store before Harriet sets up her barbershop in the Plaza as well. After giving the 100,000 bells, wait a day and Harriet will appear in the square. Now you can chat with her to get a new hairstyle every day.


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