Abu Dhabi-based hairstylist and makeover specialist Rafi Kouyoumjian is making his way into clients’ hearts and hair


Styled hair once meant long, silky, shiny, smooth and straight, regardless of its natural texture. But as the world of hairstyling and beauty becomes more diverse, models, movie stars, TV actors and influencers are making a point of showcasing creative styles – whether it’s intricate braids. , encrusted waves, high and elegant ponytails, extreme afros. But behind these hairstyles, there is an army of hairstylists, makeover specialists, hair specialists and hairdressers tasked with creating unique and classic looks adhering to the latest trends. One of them is Rafi Kouyoumjian, based in Abu Dhabi.

Kouyoumjian has been styling hair for 15 years, but his entry into the world of social media began a few years ago. His unparalleled makeovers, unique techniques and extensive portfolio of loyal customers set him apart from other industry experts. In addition to successfully creating and running his Beautyspot salon, Kouyoumjian is also a social media expert which makes him a highly coveted personality on Instagram.

“Social media is a big thing these days. I started by sharing basic hairstyles, hair color glimpses, and some behind the scenes makeovers – all the typical stuff – for a few months, but looking at the answer I knew I had to use social media platforms. in a better way that sticks the audience to my page. There were and still are a lot of hairdressers doing and presenting the same thing that people saw, but my hair jewelry, my original captions, the quality of the content and the realistic touch give me an edge, ”said Kouyoumjian.

After spending a lot of time building his social media base, Kouyoumjian now aims to expand and transform these platforms into a virtual empire, which he always wanted. He firmly says his success on social media so far is no accident, but rather an attempt he has worked very hard for.

In addition to being a go-to hairstylist and expert for hundreds of thousands of people across the UAE and around the world, Kouyoumjian also engages with its subscribers on social media by answering their questions, acknowledging their comments and sharing tips and tricks from time to time. His experience in helping clients to repair hair damage, achieve desired hair texture or color, and shape hair to become healthier and stronger has brought him new leads from different countries coming to Abu Dhabi to request a hair consultation. “It is safe to say that I have created a legacy in this ever changing industry. It’s a blessing to see people travel thousands of miles to get their makeover or their hair done. Some affectionately call me a “hair magician”. There’s a reason I pay so much attention to quality, exclusivity, and customer relationship management: it allows me to have loyal customers and a few good friends. It’s the beauty of leading and not blindly following. When you make your own path, you become a pioneer of this space, ”Kouyoumjian shared.

Kouyoumjian’s Instagram, in particular, is full of chic and classic hairstyles that are hard to find elsewhere. Whether it’s hairstyles, haircuts, treatments or hair colors – one may not find the need to physically visit her salon to peek through her catalog, her Instagram gets the job done. virtually for him. Kouyoumjian, through his work, proves in passing that hair and beauty are not everyone’s cup of tea, but rather an art that must be developed and maintained from time to time.

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