Absent client leaves hairstylist with hundreds of dollars – InForum


FARGO – Hairstylist Jenna Spicer ordered $ 750 hair extensions for a client who made an appointment at her South Fargo business, Spiced up Locks.

“A full head of 18 inch hair extensions, very basic, very standard, your average full head,” Spicer described.

After the hair was delivered – and after some appointment delays – Spicer’s client never showed up and gave no warning either.

“Twenty minutes after their date, they didn’t show up, and I decided to reach out, and they were like, ‘Oh, I didn’t feel like coming today.'” Spicer remembers. “So I asked if they wanted me to keep the hair, if I should consider rescheduling, and they said, ‘Oh, I’m going to join you, you can just get rid of it.'”

This isn’t the first time a client has done this for such a date, hanging her up to dry, and headless hair. For a small business like hers, $ 750 is a very high cost to bear. This is the amount she could have spent on a week of color product.

“(I) it could be rent for the month, or it could be insurance that we now have to find other ways to pay for,” Spicer explained.

That doesn’t include the extra hundreds of dollars his client would have spent installing the extensions.

She has seen this happen to other hairdressing colleagues. Spicer now requires deposits for hair extensions.

“Whoever wants it,” Spicer said with a chuckle. “Whoever wants to pay this money for it, he can have it.”

Spicer said she can’t turn the hair extensions over after opening them – and they have to be opened to get them ready for the client. She adds that the price of hair extensions has increased by around 30% over the past year.


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