A helping hand brings joy to the life of a hairdresser


In a small community in Mexico, many businesses had been affected by the pandemic. Some closed permanently, others remain empty pending the return of customers. This was the case of Patricia. “I’m a hairdresser,” she told the 700 Club. “I like to transform people’s appearance. Before the pandemic, I had enough work. But since COVID, there haven’t been many customers.

Patricia is also a single mother, so there has been no one else to help support her daughter. “I remember once when I was desperate because I had to pay rent, electricity and gas. I looked for other ways to get this money. I looked for another job. I worked nights four times a week at a soup kitchen,” she said.

When CBN’s Orphan’s Promise met with her, she told us that she had run out of money and had been unable to replace broken and worn-out equipment in the store.

Thanks to CBN’s Orphan’s Promise donors, we provided the family with emergency food. Then we delivered new hair cutting equipment, including professional hair clippers and a hair washing sink. “It’s an incredible surprise!” Patricia declared, examining each new object.

Then we gave her a new spinning professional barber chair and salon lab coats. We also provided training on business management. “With the new tools, I think customers will recommend me to friends and family and I’ll have even more income,” she added.

Now that Patricia’s salon has reopened, she said she no longer has to work a second job. “I now have more clients and I feel like we are moving forward. Thank you all so much. These things are so beautiful. I am very excited and grateful for everything they have given me. given. Thank you!”


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