A hairdresser earns $6,000 guaranteed per month | by Annie Wegner | April 2022


Time freedom is possible in any profession.

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Are you a budding hairdresser? Do you see hair professionals online saying they charge $900 per hairstyle? What do you think of this price? Is it too much work compared to the money? You might also be wondering how salon operators are sure to have an income because getting their hair done is a choice.

Well, some hairstylists not only make money, but thrive doing it. A few of them can guarantee at least $6,000 a day without lifting a finger. You could do the same in your writing business. Most successful entrepreneurs spend money to make money later. Or give up a free resource in hopes of future sales:

The good news is that the barber’s strategy can apply to your writing business. And it could earn you $6,000 a day for your services. Are you ready to learn the system? Let’s go.


A boss will often find ways and reasons to underpay you. But you will always give yourself more. And this is the case with Alex Pardoe. While working at an established salon chain, Pardoe earned around $30,000 a year.

This motivated him to grow his client list through social media. He even styled famous designers on the internet for free. The strategy worked. He now earns over $280,000 a year and owns a salon, Aesthetic Hairdresser. you can do the same – work for yourself or create a partnership where you can split the earnings 50-50.

Identify a need

You might think that hairdressers make money in three ways: owning a salon. Style high-end clients and teach their craft to other professionals. But there is a fourth way. It is through writing. I bet you didn’t see it coming?

It is natural for people to switch between care roles. Some ex-hairdressers, like Jennifer Keny, sell models. Kenny has a University Salon Suite where she offers advice on words. His e-books answer all the “how to say that” questions from hairdressers. Its website library includes policy page templates, pricing guides, and sales scripts.

Other ex-hairdressers have turned to design. And create Canva templates. Why does it work? Former hairdressers know the jargon of the industry. Nor are they afraid of target a specific group.

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The unconventional business model

I share similar points here:

When qualified people stop working in business, the next goal is to own a solo business. But what about laying the groundwork for a franchise?

BraidBabes is a team of mobile weavers. This business has grown through franchising and earns up to $2.2 million a year. It’s a mobile business for Caucasian people who want to braid their hair. The owner took $15,000 from his 401K to start the business. She expanded the business through subcontractors in other locations.

Contractors are paid hourly for serving clients who book appointments through the app. You know, kind of like Fiverr or Upwork. Exemption? Subcontractors can find customers. Transport them to the app and earn a higher hourly wage. The company promotes itself through free braid bar events with pop-ups anywhere. So the owner went from trading time for money to people working for her. How can you do that too? Consider growing your business through workload delegation.

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