8 Travel Essentials I’m So Glad I Had On My 10 Hour Flight


I just boarded my first long-haul flight in years. Flying at almost 60 is a whole new ball game. I no longer fit comfortably in economy seats and need to watch my circulation when I sit too long. Here is my in-flight review of the products I used to make my flight more comfortable. I created my list based on things I thought I needed as well as things I learned from press releases. I tested all of these products on my 10 hour flight from Seattle to Frankfurt.

Note: A few products in this article were sent to me for review and some I purchased. I noted each one that was a review product. My flight was part of a press trip with Viking River Cruises. I paid the upgraded rate.

Too hot or too cold?

Ladies of a certain age know this feeling all too well and can experience one or the other and even both on the same flight. Here are two products I’ve used to help me with my temperature changes.

2. Too hot: Spice Of Life bladeless fan

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This bladeless fan has to be the greatest invention ever made. I am writing this while testing the product, and the flight I am on is super hot. I’ve never been on a plane that didn’t have air you could adjust.

I received this product for review, and I have to admit that I was skeptical and did not expect the high quality this product offers. It fits around your neck and you can adjust the mini fans, one on each side, as well as the fan speed. It totally freaked me out. What a difference.

This flight would have been miserable without him, so definitely a win. I can think of a variety of ways to use this fan. He’s a hot flash hunter! Just note that you need to pull your hair up and make sure it doesn’t touch the fan. The company even provides a hair elastic.

3. Too Cold: Hello Mello Weekend Travel Wrap

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The Travel packing for the weekend Loungewear by hello mello is perfect for staying warm without overheating. It is a long shawl that is also beautiful and wide. On me it stretched when wrapped around me from my neck to my waist and easily covered my arms. It’s made with rayon and a touch of spandex. It’s very soft and comfortable, and if I ever cool down on this flight, I’ll definitely cuddle up in it.

It will also be perfect on my Viking Rhine Getaway river cruise. There is an outdoor dining area, but the weather is still a bit chilly in the mornings, so I can kick it off if I’m cold. I also like that it folds up into its included pouch that you can toss in a purse or backpack.

I bought mine from a local business owned by a military spouse, pine and moss. Owner Kimberlee Cavin offers online shopping. These wraps are incredibly popular and sell out constantly.

6. Hygiene kit

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This one is more of an individual preference. I wear contacts so I always bring a small bottle of solution and my goggles as airplanes can be so dry to skin and eyes.

i’m a big fan of Clinique Moisture Hydrating Spray. Throughout the flight, I’ll spray my face with it as it adds moisture with the bonus of a cooling mist. I also brought Nivea Cream. It comes in a small box and you can use it for your hands or any dry place.

My favorite lip balm is Level. It spreads so easily and isn’t harsh like other brands. Lastly, I pack a few feminine hygiene wipes (I keep the individual packets from hotels) and love that bladder control companies now make a lightweight pad for those times just in case.

All of the products on this list helped make my flight more comfortable and will be on my packing list in the future (except I can try a full compression sock). I also moved a lot during my flight, making sure to get up and move around every hour.

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