7 Wellness Essentials that Gisele Bündchen always carries in her bag


Go through the average purse and you’ll probably find some coins, a tie or two, and one-year-old tampons hiding in there. Gisele, on the other hand, lives up to her status as a wellness guru with an assortment of items that help her look her best, improve her health, and stay zen. Of course, it’s not just any bag — it’s a quilted denim Chanel bag that the model has worn since her mid-twenties. Below, vogue check out some of the wellness essentials she keeps with her at all times.


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1.A roll-on aromatherapy fragrance

Gisèle knows only too well the power that our olfactory have on our well-being. In addition to smelling great, inhaling an aromatherapy oil can have a direct impact on the brain’s limbic system, which is responsible for emotional and behavioral responses. The scent you use will impact this system in different ways, whether it is calming or uplifting. “I have a bunch of them for different reasons,” she says. “I have some with peppermint, but it’s more ylang ylang and lavender.”

2. Arnica

A common ingredient in beauty salons around the world, Gisèle is no stranger to arnica either. “I’m a very athletic person, so arnica is great for that…if you have any injuries, it’s very helpful,” she says. Whether it’s easing bruises, easing muscle pain, or reducing inflammation, if you’re not already familiar with arnica, it’s a topical treatment you need to know.

3. Incense

Introducing incense as a way to make her surroundings comfortable and warm, it’s also the perfect partner for her morning and evening rituals. “I start my day with meditation and practicing asanas, which are movements in yoga, and I always light an incense or a candle,” she says. “At night I always pray.”

4. Caffeine-free tea

Coffee? Gisèle does not know her. “I love tea – I drink tea all day,” she enthuses, showing off a ginger and chamomile tea bag. “I drank caffeine when I was in my twenties, and I had anxiety about it!” She no longer drinks caffeine, but loves herbal tea in all its forms.


She is known for having a mostly plant-based diet with no dairy or any kind of processed foods. It is therefore not surprising that Gisèle’s vitamins accompany her everywhere, especially vitamins D3 and K2. “I believe that even if we [should] first nourish our bodies through food, then you can supplement with vitamin D or zinc, or different things that are good for us,” she says.

6. A lip and cheek blush

While not technically a wellness essential, sometimes we all need a little help to achieve a healthy glow. “If you look tired…” she said raising a Beautycounter Cheek Clean Cream Blush, which provides a sheer finish to lips and cheeks. “You can put it on your lips, on your cheeks, and you have a little mirror.”

7. Resistance band

From jiu jitsu to yoga, Gisele leads an ultra-active life – so it’s no wonder she carries a resistance band with her in her purse. “I had surgery on my shoulder, so I take little breaks throughout the day and do my shoulder exercises,” she says. “This little group is amazing.” Taking five minutes to do a mini workout, she uses it to squat, activate core muscles, and open her shoulders.


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