7 Beauty Essentials Fran Drescher Can’t Do Without


While most of us get our beauty news from magazines and social media, Fran Drescher’s first introduction to the makeup brand Laura Geller – of which she is now the face – was on television. “I was with my parents watching TV. I saw ‘Laura Geller’ in the guidebook and didn’t know what it was, so I clicked on it.” What happened next was serendipity. “About a week later, I got a call from Geller asking if I wanted to be an influencer for the brand,” Drescher recalled.

Taking her potential role to heart, Drescher asked to test Geller’s makeup to make sure she felt confident about attaching her name to the product. Almost immediately, Drescher, his friends, and even his mother developed favorites. So Drescher took the job and became the spokesperson for a campaign for women over 40 that launched in 2021. Frescher, who had been on the small screen for years, felt seen.

“Very often you look in magazines, [at 40] This is where women begin to fall off a cliff and be quickly overlooked in advertising and sales targeting. And so, I felt really, really good about it,” says Drescher, now 64. Another attraction: the non-toxic brand aligned with Drescher and its foundation Cancer Schmancerthe mission.

Ahead Drescher shares her favorite things — from makeup to face and body spray — and shares her take on style (and flair!) at 64. “I think you have to embrace what makes you feel good. Don’t let yourself be dictated by When you define your own flair and your own style, you can face the world with a kind of unabashed confidence.


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