6 Reasons I’m Now Obsessed With This Curly Hair Salon In Toronto (VIDEO)


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After struggling with my curls for almost my entire life, I had basically given up on my natural hair. Hair straighteners and other heated tools have become my best friends, and I would do anything in my power not to deal with frizz and unruliness in my curls.

When I looked at fashion and beauty trends, I felt that naturally curly hair was out, and straight, shiny, straight hair was in fashion. Even when I went to salons, the stylists would straighten me or blow out my locks.

Then I stumbled upon The Curl Lounge, a Toronto salon dedicated entirely to curly hair. I couldn’t believe something like this existed, and I knew I had to try it. What if I could actually learn to embrace my natural curls?

The whole experience was so different from any haircut I’ve ever had before, and I can honestly say I’ve never been happier with my hair. I will definitely go back, and here’s why I’m totally obsessed with this place.

All curly types are welcome

One thing I appreciate about the salon is that they don’t discriminate when it comes to curly hair. Although I’ve always considered my hair to be quite curly, it’s definitely not the curliest, and it became apparent as soon as I sat down in the styling chair. Looking around, I realized that my hair was probably the least curly of anyone, but my stylist Jasmyne reassured me that the salon accommodated all types of curls, whether bouncy or wavy.

Stylists are curl experts

When it comes time to book a hair appointment, I find myself calling different salons to ask if there is anyone familiar with cutting curly hair. I’m often told that all stylists are trained in cutting natural curls, but my hair has always been treated the same as straight hair. It was a breath of fresh air to visit a salon dedicated to curls. I felt like I could sit back and relax while the pros took care of my hair. Confidence is huge!

Hair is cut while it is dry.Courtesy of Curl Salon

The cut is totally adapted to curls

Now let’s talk about the actual fit because it was so different from anything I’ve had before. Jasmyne cut my hair when it was dry, which is apparently the best way to cut curls. She cut a little and added a lot of layers, but she said it was really necessary.

While washing, she scrubbed my hair with a special brush that is supposed to really clean your scalp and help stimulate hair growth. Then she sectioned my hair while it was still soaked and added lots of product.

My favorite part, and the most unique part, was the “hair rubbing”. Once she added hair gel and mousse, I turned my head forward and she squeezed sections of my hair to encourage curls. Since it was still so wet, tons of water fell on the floor, but luckily it was prepared with a towel.

Instead of the usual blowout I get at other salons, Jasmyne used a diffuser to dry my hair and give my curls extra bounce and volume.

Curly hair diffused.Curly hair diffused. Courtesy of Curl Salon

They guide you through the process

Throughout the process, Jasmyne was very communicative about what she was doing. She walked me through everything and explained why her techniques were the best for curls. She also gave me tons of tips and tricks so I could achieve similar results at home. I had never been offered this kind of hair styling expertise in a salon before, so not only was I getting my hair cut, but I was also gaining a lot of knowledge about my hair.

They don’t push products

We’ve all been in that awkward situation where you feel like you have to buy a ton of expensive products after visiting a salon. I’ll be honest – I was a little worried this might happen after my haircut. Would they tell me I was using all the wrong products for my curls and come up with a whole new line of hair care? I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I never felt obligated to buy anything, in fact, I was the one who suggested products. The salon was also very open about treatments and doing what was best for me. I had asked for a moisturizing treatment, but Jasmyne felt that I didn’t need it. I really appreciated the honesty and it made me feel like they really had my best interests in mind and weren’t just focused on selling.

The only thing Jasmyne recommended I buy was the brush she used to wash my hair, and it sure wasn’t expensive.

Final result of the cut in a curly hair salon.Final result of the cut in a curly hair salon.Courtesy of Curl Salon

It was fun

Not only was the haircut informative, but it was also fun! The atmosphere was laid back and friendly, and the staff took videos of my haircut at various stages to make a video at the end.

We also did a photo shoot in front of the neon sign to show the results. Feeling good is totally part of any beauty experience, and I loved that they made it a priority.

The Curl Lounge

A selfie with the hairdresser.

A selfie with the hairdresser.

Madeleine Forsyth | Narcity

Price: 💸💸💸

Address: 623 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario

Why you need to go: This salon is totally dedicated to naturally curly hair and it has cured all my curly ailments.



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