6 Luxury Sports Recovery Essentials


side hustle

With 500 milligrams of pure CBD isolate, shea and mango seed butters, aloe and rosemary leaf extract, Hustle Butter CBD Luxe Multi-Use Miraculous Cream can heal whatever ails you after a long run, an afternoon on the water and beyond. It banishes sunburn, relieves joint and muscle pain, prevents chafing, etc. $50, Ulta Beauty, Palm Beach Gardens

Muscle bath with milk and honey

Spa soak

Just add a third of a cup of Milk + Honey Painful Muscle Care take a hot bath and feel the aches and pains melt away. Epsom salts, eucalyptus, arnica, rosemary and marjoram work overtime to soothe aches. $28, Ulta Beauty, Palm Beach Gardens

Use of Sacheu gua sha

Refreshing routine

Physical activity isn’t just for your body, your facial muscles can also benefit from a good workout. A Gua Sha is an ancient tool used to heal tissues, drain lymphatic systems, increase blood flow, etc. Combined with an oil or cleaner, this stainless steel Sachet Gua Sha can help relieve tension in the jaw, cheeks and forehead; relax overactive facial muscles; stimulate blood circulation; and lifts and firms the skin. $35, Ulta Beauty, Palm Beach Gardens

Lyrical Therapeutic Body Massager

Rhythm Recharge

After a long day on the fairway (or a brutal spin course), the Lyrical Therapeutic Masseur is a savior of sore muscles. Its built-in Bluetooth connectivity and app pairing create an intuitive wellness ecosystem, while its pioneering Rhythm Therapy massage frequency delivers a more relaxing and therapeutic resting experience. $200, best buy,
Palm Beach Gardens

castor oil

oil elixir

Castor oil is a rich source of fatty acids, 90% of which are ricinoleic acids, known to relieve pain and inflammation. Kreyòl Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil harnesses this healing ability in a pure formula that also hydrates hair and skin, a necessity for people who spend a lot of time in the sun and surf. $18, Ulta Beauty, Palm Beach Gardens

foam roller

Voltage Termination

To combat backaches and painful blows, the base is sometimes preferable. the TriggerPoint Grid Foam RollerThe rippling texture mimics the hands of a massage therapist, and its smaller-than-average design gets right into the hardest-to-reach stress points (we’re looking at you, the shoulder blades). $40, Target, Palm Beach Gardens


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