6 essentials for a Parisian summer style


Summer is on and some magazines are talking about something called the “summer character side. It’s a fascinating philosophy that allows us to take a break from our personal growth and hard work that is expensively called “self-improvement.” No, not forever – just for the summer. Indeed, we’ve spent the last two summers sheltering in place and trying to create better versions of ourselves, so we definitely deserve a break. So why not delve into the fascinating nature of a secondary character, the one that eagle-eyed readers will fall in love with, the person who provides cool one-liners, thickens the plot, and is there to just be their awesome selves? Of course, if the novel is set in Paris, a secondary character is almost always…well, effortlessly chic.

But what to wear?

1. It goes without saying but… Jeans.
Lightweight dresses are a must. But for a secondary character worthy of a spin-off? Too easy. Why not keep it ‘light’ but tie it to the perfect pair of jeans? There’s rarely more French than that, and a simple change of top takes you from ‘farmer’s market’ to ‘cocktail hour’ in minutes. There’s something classic about Zara that oozes comfort and effortless style:

Catch them here.

2. Her Majesty – the looooong white shirt.
Now that we’ve covered jeans (which go with absolutely everything you already have in your wardrobe), you need an oversized shirt – accessories will determine whether you’re browsing second-hand books or restaurant menus. . Yes, we’ve seen the boyfriend shirts; we have worn and bought them both at man and women section in our favorite store. This summer, however, a more attractive challenge appears – the huge shirt dress. The possibilities are endless: wear it as a shirt over jeans or leggings; wear it as a dress with an epic sash or sash tied around your waist; pair it with heels, sneakers or Saint-Tropez – it’s probably one of the best style investments you’ll make this summer. You won’t want to take it off, because it doubles as a socially acceptable nightwear. It doesn’t get any better than that. H&M gets it:

You understand here.

3. Comfortable slip-on shoes.
Contrary to what television would have you believe, the streets of Paris aren’t teeming with high heels and red soles. Parisians walk all the time, even when using public transport, so of course they opt for comfortable shoes. Now we are going through an era of sliders and sandals, but some are hard to nail down. It’s a fine line between looking like you’re watering plants in your garden and looking chic. Hermés has this perfection, for example:

If you feel like splurging, by all means – Catch them. But since the price isn’t perfect for all budgets, you can always go the ASOS route:

Get these (shipped worldwide!) here.

There is another option for those who don’t want to follow trends blindly. Clogs! Sure, they’re fashionable, but you don’t feel like they’re everywhere. And they can be a game changer for an outfit. There are hundreds of varieties, from the most expensive to the most affordable, flat and platform, and so, then colorful. You can opt for a classic design or an outrageous Moschino clog – the choice is yours. Good clogging.

Catch them here.

Catch them here.

4. Try the color to develop your character a bit.
The color is still very present and will continue to be so all summer. Even the most strict neutral lovers seem eager to flirt with color, so might as well join in the fun. Flowers haven’t been groundbreaking since Meryl Streep poked fun at the concept in The devil wears Pradaso let’s see what else we can do…
Scarves. You can make scarves.

Get this one here.

A primary color scarf can elevate an outfit and make people look twice in your direction. Most important, youwant to look twice every time you pass in front of a mirror. Imagine a fabulous red Moschino scarf over a white shirt, or yellow to hold your hair under a boater. It’s not just an outfit for an afternoon coffee anymore, it’s now street style inspiration. Also, you always want to go multi-dimensional in building secondary characters.
It doesn’t have to be limited to accessories; it’s fashion heaven when it comes to color. The world is now littered with bags and wands of all sizes in all colors of the rainbow – all you have to do is find one that fits your soul and your budget. Balenciaga and Jaqcuemus have the investments, Primark has the shockingly low prices – all have the color.

5. The Mad Hatter is a secondary character, you know.
A hat is the perfect marriage between fashion and practicality. Europe is going through a heat wave, and if you spend time looking for the perfect hat this summer, your whole body will thank you. (Your body and your Instagram actually, because hats are always better on bad hair days and you never know when you’ll stumble upon a perfect moment. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but then again, why not? )

You understand here.

6. Make a statement
Layering clothes is an amazing concept, but this time no longer allows clothes! Just in case you feel like something is missing, never fear, there are still jewels. And this summer we won’t be talking about rings, bracelets or necklaces – by now you probably wrote the book about it. No, this summer, we sparkle it with glasses chains!

Yes, like your grandmother long ago (with a twist, though). Embrace the chain. It’s shiny, trendy, totally practical and comes in all sizes and colors. Remember one thing if you decide to spice it up with a chain – take off another piece of jewelry before you leave the house, just like Coco Chanel insisted.

So there you have it, your Parisian-style character side of the summer. Everything listed goes with everything else, effortless and chic are covered. All you have to do is bring your shameless self to the look.

You will do wonders for the plot.

Jana Misho is the author of “Almost Parisian: How to Survive Your Late 20s in Paris” and “Anais of Montmartre.“She writes things she wants to read and draws inspiration from obscure Parisian art, people and cafes. Probably the only person in the world to have a Montparnasse Tower tattoo. Her third novel “Lulu” is coming soon to Amazon.


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