5 makeup essentials everyone needs


Makeup helps build confidence and there is no doubt about it. Simply improving certain features can help us feel ready for our daily lives. No matter what your professional life looks like, makeup makes us feel a bit put together. But who has time to follow a million steps to be glamorous every day? This is exactly what this article will help you with!

What we see on Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok is the type of makeup that is categorized as “art” or “artistic self-expression” more than applies to daily life, at least for most people. You can always buy as many makeup products as you want, but here is a selection of essential makeup products elements for those who have little time to prepare.

Instead of looking for a bb cream or a foundation, it is ideal to choose a concealer. This concealer should match your skin tone exactly, not a shade lighter or darker. The center of your face is the first thing people see when interacting with you and it’s also the area that, when the complexion is balanced, gives you a flawless finish.

Buy a liquid or creamy texture instead of something too matte. Moisturize your face and apply the concealer under your eyes, around your nose, around your mouth and a little in the middle of your forehead. You should also apply it to areas with discoloration or scarring that you need to cover.

Using your fingers or any blending tool of your choice, blend the concealer. Adding a small amount should be enough to balance out the discoloration and give you a flawless even tone. You can build your concealer in light layers if needed.

It is an essential element, especially in summer. In winter, it entirely depends on your skin type. Setting powders are generally of two types, loose setting powders and compact powders. Loose setting powders are ideal for combination to oily skin and compact powders are ideal for combination to dry skin.

Adding a little powder helps “set” your liquid or cream foundation products like foundation and concealer and also helps make your makeup last longer. The less you apply, the better to avoid that heavy, cakey, crunchy look.

Choose the formula that best suits your skin type and take a little on a fluffy powder brush and apply it all over your face.

Who doesn’t love doll like eyelashes? Well coated and defined eyelashes can go a long way to opening up your eyes and making your eyes pop! Regardless of how your natural lashes look, you can always perfect the look by choosing the right type of mascara for yourself.

Unless you have extremely oily eyelids and skin, avoid using waterproof mascara. Why? Because removing waterproof mascara takes a lot of effort and if you’re not ready to put in the effort to remove it with an oil-based makeup remover, it’s best to avoid waterproof mascaras altogether because unwashed mascara on your eyelashes can be harmful to your eyelashes as well as your eyes.

There are several types of chopsticks available in the market. The standard hourglass shaped mascara wand is the perfect all-rounder that provides the correct length, volume, curl and definition to your lashes.

Apply one coat and allow to dry for at least one minute before applying the second coat if needed. Don’t forget your lower lashes!

It has to be that product that not only is essential for everyone, but should also ideally be the one you carry around in your bag!

Apply a little to your cheeks and lips, pat it in with your fingers and get that nice healthy dose of color on your cheeks and lips.

There are many shades available in the market along with multiple textures. If you have oily skin, it is better to choose an aqueous texture. This way it applies beautifully and doesn’t add that heavy oily or creamy finish to your skin. If your skin is dry, do not hesitate to choose creamy textures.

When it comes to shade selection, if you are a fair-skinned person, you can go for orange or light dusty pink shades which look gorgeous on cheeks and lips, but if you have a medium to dark complexion, choose red or dark red hues are ideal.

Much like a mascara but with lighter shades and a smaller wand, brow gels are the perfect quick fix for your everyday brows. Not only are tinted brow gels great for quickly getting fuller, more defined brows, but the gel also helps keep your hair in place all day.

If your brows are extremely thick, you can choose a clear brow gel, but if your brows are sparse, which is usually the case, choose the shade closest to your natural brows and simply comb your lashes into place to perfect. your look every day!

These 5 makeup items are absolutely essential for everyone to look perfect every day. They’re super easy to carry in your purse and are even great for travelling. So if you don’t want hundreds of makeup products, just buy these 5 items and you’ll be good to go!


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