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WWe know how many of us look forward to winter because of “winter hair” and “winter skin” which basically results in non-oily skin and hair that will stay put. However, every winter we are reminded that the cooler weather brings its own challenges. While your face may glow with the flame of a hundred candles and your hair may flow more easily than any relationship you’ve ever had, everyone has a problem that works in winter.

The answer to most skin problems is hydration. But you don’t just want any hydration. We might not even have to say it, but break down your skincare by ingredient and make sure you have a bit of everything.

Here are the three things you want in your skin care all the time, and especially in the winter:

Humectants: These bind to water, pull water to the surface and keep everything hydrated.

Emollients: Soften and hydrate

Occlusive: Softens, hydrates and also retains moisture

So let’s move on to the products that you will want to put in your purse or briefcase this winter, and you won’t mind using a lot of them as they are quite affordable.

Dry, tight, itchy skin

4 winter handbag essentials

It might be winter, but we still have to wash our faces, right? The soap, combined with those cold winter breezes, will make the skin on your face tighter or drier than usual. Enter the Nivea cream. Yes one in the blue box you remember your Grandmother using. It’s also publicized as a cheap cousin or dupe of the crème de la mer, and is priced just under Rs300 a box.

Super rich and hydrating, if you feel that the skin on your face may be too oily for all the hydration, definitely have it on hand for the rest of your body. And even if your skin is oily and you don’t have other major skin issues, finishing your nighttime skincare routine with Nivea Cream once or twice a week will leave skin perfectly hydrated.

Chapped lips

Not only do lips lose moisture faster than the rest of your skin because they don’t produce their own hydration to begin with, some of us bite and tear our lips when they are already dry and chapped. , causing further damage.

4 winter handbag essentials

You might be a little wary of celebrity skincare lines, but all of Juggun Kazim’s reviews of Nur have so far been positive. And Nur lip balms are really great. Available in strawberry, mango, shea, and peppermint, they smell great and keep dry lips and cuticles hydrated during the coldest, driest days.

Dry heels, elbows and knees

Like all moms, we believe in the healing properties of glycerin for dry, cracked skin, but unlike all moms, we don’t appreciate liquid textures for hands and feet. Or that specific way the concoction of glycerin and rosewater drips all over the place. Meet your new best friend, Glysolid. This is solid glycerin, delivered in a handy box similar to Nivea’s, and can be applied absolutely anywhere you need it. The plus is that glycerin is a humectant, while paraffin acts as an occlusive, trapping moisture.

4 winter handbag essentials

Dry ends and flyaways

We’re pretty sure we’ve mentioned apricot oil before, but here’s our winter special: Because it smells delicious and isn’t as oily as it is rich, it would be safe to pour into a small bottle and keep it in your purse for a quick run through your hair, taming static hair and moisturizing it. Don’t want to risk an oil spill? Just run a drop or two through hair right after washing and mix with your moisturizer after showering for an extra hydrating boost!


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